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Construction is one of the most stable vocational career paths, so it makes sense to earn a qualification like the Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing sooner rather than later.


These certifications open up career possibilities in the building and construction industry. They also give you an advantage in the industry, such as practical skills in trades like carpentry and waterproofing, elevating safety standards in workplace practices, and boosting career prospects.


Everthought is highly experienced in guiding men and women through the necessary education needed to qualify for their builders licence.


As a private Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we offer building and construction courses and certifications that ensure our students are well-equipped for productive careers in construction. With flexible learning options available, you could also complete your construction certification online through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) if your skills and experience are advanced enough (eligibility criteria apply).


Diverse Job Prospects in Construction


Here are some career opportunities you could pursue with the appropriate construction certification programme at Everthought.




Carpenters have many opportunities in both the commercial and residential construction industries in Australia. Carpenters play a crucial role in construction, specialising in woodwork for building frameworks, roofs, and interior fittings. While on-site and on-campus study are required for Apprentices and International students, affordable online delivery of the CPC30220 certificate III in Carpentry is available through Australia through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


Construction Project Manager


As urban development projects grow in Australia, construction project managers have many opportunities to develop fulfilling careers. Project managers oversee construction projects from conception to completion, ensuring they meet deadlines, budgets, and quality standards.


This role requires strong leadership and communication skills, which can be learned through Diplomas and CPC60220 Advanced Diploma in Building and Construction (Management).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What subjects are covered in Certificate III in Construction curriculums?


Generally speaking, the Certificate III in Construction courses cover learning modules essential for the respective skills. Depending on the chosen course or diploma program, construction certification covers practical applications like using hand tools, surveying, environmental or site management, and operating required equipment or machines.


Meanwhile, our CPC31420 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing, at Everthought, is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the construction practices involved in becoming a waterproofer, with Apprenticeship learning modes also available.


What is the learning format – full-time, part-time, or flexible hours?


Thanks to advances in technology, many RTOs can now offer Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses both in person and online, as well as blended courses. The same is true for getting skills or experience recognition in your vocational career. You can now complete your RPL certification online, for example, which is an accepted way of study to get your required qualification for a QBCC Builders Licence.


Courses like the Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing are now offered in full-time, part-time, and flexible hours, depending on your study mode. With this flexibility, students can balance their education with other commitments, such as work or personal responsibilities.


At Everthought, we recognise the need for flexible learning, which is why we offer on campus, online, and blended learning modes.


Everthought students can choose from full-time learning via on-campus participation (available to both domestic and international students) or part-time or flexible hours via online participation (eligibility criteria apply). RPL certification for certain courses or diplomas can be completed through a virtual assessment as well, provided that any needed gap training for industry qualification has been completed.


Are there practical components to Certificate III in Construction programmes in the industry?


The CPC31420 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing course we offer at Everthought will prepare you to work on both interior and exterior areas in the residential and commercial construction industry.


What’s more, we also offer more comprehensive Certificate IV courses and Diploma programmes, such as the CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction, which will teach students how to supervise on-site construction projects, plan construction work, apply building codes, and more. Upon completion, learners can work as site supervisors and construction managers.


At Everthought, we structure our courses and training programmes to ensure that our students are not only knowledgeable but also skilled in practical application to real-world construction scenarios.

Empower Your Future with Everthought


Since opening our doors in 2011, Everthought has been leading in excellence when it comes to providing construction training and skills development as an RTO, with a network of trainers and assessors extending across Australia.


Each student’s journey is unique, which is why our learning approach is tailored to cater to different learning styles. On top of on-campus learning, we also offer flexible study options that combine practical and theoretical learning, making education accessible and adaptable to different learners’ needs.


We at Everthought are passionate about nurturing our students, not just academically but as individuals who will excel in their chosen careers. Join us on this journey of learning, growth, and success. We offer online construction courses and diploma programmes, as well as short courses and RPL certifications for certain qualifications.


Sign up for a Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing or a related builders course online with Everthought today.

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