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If you’re looking to become a professional within the construction industry, you need to equip yourself with the right skills and experience to succeed in any building project. With that, you need the right program and registered training organisation (RTO), to provide quality building and construction courses designed with both trade-specific and work management skills.

Founded in 2011, Everthought is an RTO and a highly recognised educational institution dedicated to equipping its students with the right knowledge and training to jump-start their career in the building and construction sector. We offer a range of different learning mediums, including our recognition of prior learning programs and our apprenticeships.

Throughout your time taking and studying our building and construction courses, you’ll learn and experience both a mix of practical and theoretical units. You’ll also learn top-of-the-line techniques and guides on how to use the latest equipment in the construction industry, to help you prepare for any building-related task or project. 

From drafting engineering designs to recognising the fundamentals of architecture, our building and construction courses are excellent pathways to better job or work opportunities and other qualifications or diplomas. Our students get access to better income and even take steps towards getting their builder’s licence with our different training programs.

Enrol in one of our builder’s courses today, whether you’re looking for a Certificate 3 Building and Construction, renovation courses, and even a property development course. Everthought is ready to partner with you and guide you towards achieving any certificate or degree.


What can I learn from building and construction courses?

Generally, as we offer a quite varied catalogue with our building and construction courses, there really isn’t anything you can’t learn. It’s just about finding the right on-site or online construction courses that fit what you are personally interested in.

For example, if you’re looking to really develop your skills and specialise yourself as a licensed builder, a Certificate III in Carpentry can help you diversify what you know, making you a more competitive candidate for greater income.

However, as a guide, here’s some information to what type of skills you’ll find yourself learning in our courses for builders:


Occupational skills

These occupational skills lay the foundations of your career and are specifically tied to the program you’re pursuing. For example, if you’re looking for a carpentry qualification, you’ll learn things like how to install fixtures and also safely demolish small structures.

With this in mind, it’s better to choose a broader entry point if you’re looking to explore each aspect of the industry. Also for those seeking to get their builder’s licence, there are courses that are required as part of the application process, such as the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) and Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) (CPC50220), depending on your state.

Each part of your building and construction courses is also a great way to build rapport and make connections with like-minded individuals, as well as learn from a wide variety of certified instructors. The best part is that Everthought offers a variety of learning mediums, allowing you to be flexible with how you wish to study.


Management skills

For those who intend to supervise and oversee a workplace, our home construction courses can also help you out. You’ll learn various strategies and genuinely educate yourself with managing a workplace and project.

With some of our specialty programs as well, you’ll learn how to be a business owner, which involves not only interpreting drafts and plans, but also negotiating with stakeholders and being aware of the various legislations, regulations, and codes when it comes to a building project.


What employment opportunity will I have after completing a building and construction course?

After taking our building and construction courses, you can not only extend your educational pathway but also find employment in various roles within the sector. Here are some jobs you can expect to find available to you:

  • Site supervisor. A site supervisor watches over construction projects and complies with various rules and regulations regarding structural limitations. You’ll often report to a construction manager who has a role in determining specific hazards and protocols.
  • Construction planner. A construction planner works out the best way to approach a building project and schedules construction work. They are also responsible for adhering to a budget and working out a way to achieve the best results.
  • Construction manager. They lead a project from start to finish, with the main task of hiring and supervising all the workers.

Know that all these jobs are in high demand as construction is quite a booming industry within Australia. They also feature quite competitive salaries and a clear pathway to expanding your role, and you can also opt to start your own construction company with our building and construction courses.


How to enrol in a building and construction course?

When it comes to enrolling and applying for our building and construction courses, you simply need to follow these steps:


Select an appropriate program.

Our programs range from certification programs to short courses, so it’s important to see what we have to offer and then choose one that interests you. We recommend going through the learning objectives as well as the short description we provide about the course to see if it’s a right fit.


Note the course details.

Check the specific details of the building and construction courses you’ve chosen, as we have campuses in Perth and West Australia, as well as blended and online options. Each course page includes details such as prerequisites, course structure, and duration.


Fill out the registration form.

If you’ve found the right course that meets your needs, whether it’s a builder’s licence course or a specialty program, you just need to apply on the specific page and give us some information so that we can start processing your enrollment.

Afterwards, you will receive a phone call or email from Everthought regarding your enrolment status and what additional steps you need to take to become a formal student. If you have any questions about our programs and services, you can call or email our hotline.

Get qualifications with Everthought today and jump-start your career. Browse our website for the full catalogue and enrol with us!

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