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Welcome to The Workshop podcast, hosted by Everthought. Each week we will bring you interviews with industry leaders.

As a leading Australian Registered Training Organisation specialised in Building and Construction, we will be sharing our knowledge about trade and education, whether you are interested in Apprenticeship, Recognition of Prior Learning, On-Campus studies for International and Domestic students or Online delivery.

This podcast unpacks what you need to know to start or boost your trade career, with insights, tips and the latest news from the government.

Everthought Trade Spotlight: Wall and Floor Tiling - LIVE

Welcome to the first episode of The Workshop! Today we will be talking about Wall and Floor Tiling and we receive a passionate guest: Sandro is an experienced tiler and is also a trainer at the Everthought Brisbane campus.
We talk about what makes a successful tiler, what you learn during your studies with Everthought and why it is more than just about tiling, how we make sure our students are world-ready, how to deal with clients' choices, and much more!

Everthought Trade Spotlight: Carpentry - LIVE

In this episode we cover Carpentry and we have carpenter Gordon from our Perth campus who is joining us.
We discuss career progression from carpenter to site manager to teaching, what if you weren't good at math in high school, what the attributes that make a great carpenter, what you learn during your studies with Everthought and how we make sure our students are world-ready, and more.

Everthought Trade Spotlight: Painting and Decorating - LIVE

This week, in this episode three of our ever Everthought trainer showcase series, we meet Brian, painting and decoration trainer at our Perth campus.
We discuss the launch of our painting course on Campus in Perth, how painting supply changed in the last decade, what makes a great painter, but also tips and advice to succeed in your painting career.

Everthought Trade Spotlight: Brick and blocklaying - LIVE

In our new episode of The Workshop we receive Paul, our brick and blocklaying trainer at Everthought. We talk about his journey from the UK to Australia, the benefits of being a contractor vs having your own business, what Paul try to instill in his students and what they learn on campus, what makes a good bricklayer, why you should chose to be one, materials, and more. Tune in!


Everthought History & Vision, feat. Nicola Fowkes - LIVE

This week we dive a little bit deeper into why Everthought. We receive Nicola Fowkes, General Manager of Operations, who shares with us who we are, its beginning, our unique delivery method for our apprentices , the vision for the RTO with the building and construction industry.

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