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QBCC Builder’s Licence

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Secure a QBCC builder’s licence to advance your career and get more opportunities for high-paying jobs. If you plan to work in the building and construction industry of Australia, you might need to obtain certain licences before you can legally work on construction projects. In Queensland, for example, you need a builder’s licence QLD, and other QBCC licences such as a QBCC contractor licence. The type of licence that you will need to work in Queensland depends on the industry and nature of work that you intend to do there as well as your eligibility to do such work. Before you apply for builder’s licence from a QBCC register, you must complete accredited training for you to qualify. 

You can get qualification fast by enrolling in Everthought online construction courses or building and construction courses such as Certificate III in Carpentry CPC30220 and Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC40120 courses. If you have at least three years of experience in the construction field, you can save time and money by applying for recognition of prior learning or RPL assessment instead. In these courses, your skill set, employment, and experience will be assessed based on certain criteria that deem whether you are skilled enough to meet the Australian requirements in construction. The hands-on approach that Everthought deploys can equip you with quality skills that may just get you a QBCC builder’s licence. 


What is a QBCC builder’s licence?

QBCC stands for Queensland Building Construction Commission, which is the same government authority that awards licences to qualified workers in construction work such as QBCC contractor licence, trade licence, and carpenter licence. A QBCC builder’s licence allows a person to legally work in any construction project within Queensland. There is no one type of licence that QBCC grants; you need to apply for the specific one that is most suitable for your expertise. Aside from a builder’s licence QLD, you can apply for plumbing and drainage licences, mechanical services licences, fire protection licences, unique trade licences, and many more. 

Everthought offers an extensive range of building and construction courses that will make you knowledgeable and skilled enough to qualify for a QBCC builder’s licence that you’ll need to advance your career in the future. There are also a few IT courses available if you wish to enhance your skills in that field as well. Most of our courses are conducted online by trainers who are also architects, builders, and professionals in the construction industry. Everthought also has purpose-built training centres located in Brisbane and Perth where you can experience hands-on training if your course requires it. 


What are the general requirements to get a QBCC builder’s licence?

The Queensland Building Construction Commission adheres to a meticulous process in granting a QBCC licence to applicants. The specific requirements you’ll need to present depend on the type of licence you are applying for. For detailed information on every type of QBCC licence as well as their specific requirements, you can check the official QBCC website. The typical requirements you will be asked for, to give you an idea of what to prepare, are apprenticeship papers, formal qualifications from an RTO, an appropriate or equivalent course for your chosen licence class, and a statement of attainment by an approved authority, or a recognition of prior learning assessment. 

Everthought provides apprenticeship opportunities to qualified students who can attend on-campus training in training centres in Brisbane or Perth. You can also apply for RPL to get your related skills and experience recognised nationally and increase your chances of obtaining a QBCC licence fast. Students need to be at least fifteen to eighteen years old, depending on the type of program they will choose to enrol in. The duration for every training course at Everthought also differs per course. 


How do I get a QBCC builder’s licence?

To apply for a QBCC builder’s licence, choose a licence type on the official QBCC website. There, you will find the individual qualifications that you must possess as well as the requirements you have to present. You will also find steps on how to go through with your application. Some initial requirements may be submitted online, but you might have to send physical copies of your documents further in your licence application process. 

If you don’t have the credentials to qualify for a QBCC builder’s licence yet, such as certificates or recognitions, Everthought can help you complete them in your most preferred way of learning. We cater to all learning styles via flexible study options. Our approach to training is practical learning and hands-on experience, which can ensure that you get quality learning outcomes from the courses. Our courses are also open to both international and Australian students. For international students, our construction courses can help with your student visa application, and our RPL assessment courses can help you get credentials for your previous work experience so you can advance in your career in Australia fast. Meanwhile, Australian students can unlock career opportunities such as a construction manager or supervisor, which are among the top-paying jobs in the country. 

Everthought can help you put your best foot forward when applying for a QBCC builder’s licence to work in Queensland. We offer top-notch building courses and apprenticeship programs to prepare you for a bright future career in construction.

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