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Experience & Skills Recognition

Recognition of Prior Learning, also referred to RPL, is an experience, knowledge and skill assessment process that allows you attain nationally-recognised qualification or statement/s of attainment based on skills, and have gained previous experience – recognised as either formal training or as informal (i.e. on job) learning.

Why completes at RPL or Skills Recognition?

Recognition of Prior Learning recognises the skills and experience you have already developed to assist you in advancing your career, increasing your income and formalising your credentials. If you have experience, skills and knowledge in your field of work, then you may be eligible or at least very close to attaining a related qualification.

RPL ensures your previous work experience, knowledge and skills are formally recognised.
RPL minimises the need for formal training or instruction in areas that you already demonstrate competency.
RPL reduces the amount of time it takes you to secure a full and recognised qualification.
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Who can apply for RPL?

Anyone who has demonstrated legitimate experience, knowledge or skills that are relevant to the course of study that they want to complete can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and/or Recognition of Current Competency. You will need to have experience in Australia. To be successful, you need to be able to provide evidence of the skills and knowledge you have gained.

How much experience is required to be eligible for RPL?

A minimum of 3 years experience is necessary for Certificate-level qualifications, and more substantive experience is required for Diploma-level qualifications. The time spent in a role is just one factor to consider when calculating eligibility for RPL – the nature of the experience is just as important. Work and life experience, volunteer work and formal and informal training can contribute to your portfolio of evidence for qualifications through RPL. Currency is also important, which is why our assessor will be reviewing evidence provided demonstrating clients have current industry skills and knowledge.

Can I do it from any where in Australia?

Everything is done online and over-the-phone with our qualified trainers. Which means if you can provide sufficient evidence of your industry experience or previous training, you may not need to complete any additional formal study. If required,  Gap Training can be provided. 

How does RPL work?

RPL means that you do not have to study what you already know.  Instead Everthought will assess the skills, knowledge and experience that you have gained through school, study, and life experiences.  We do this by looking at:

🡆  Evidence of past work, this can be through paid or voluntary work that you have undertaken in Australia, especially within the past three years in the building and construction industry.

🡆 Past qualifications or statements of attainment.

🡆 References from current and past employment.

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