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RPL Certification

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If you’re thinking about pursuing a certification or degree, it’s important to consider what you already know. With our RPL certification program (which stands for recognition of prior learning) at Everthought, gaining your qualification may take less time and energy.

Everthought is a licensed and registered training organisation (RTO) in Australia that offers various building and construction courses as well as pathways to recognising the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through your work and life experiences.

With our RPL assessment, we can look at your experience in the building and construction industry and consider your experience towards getting an appropriate RPL certificate for your achievements. If you’re applying for a builder’s licence, you can earn units and credits toward the courses you need through this program.

The best thing about Everthought is that we provide all types of learning options: on-site, blended, and even online construction courses. Furthermore, our trainers are all accredited industry experts and tradesmen. 

For more information about our educational programs and why we’re one of the best in Australia today, visit our website and browse our course offerings and other programs.


What is RPL certification?

An RPL certification is essentially a qualification that recognises the competency you’ve already developed to assist you in formalising your trade credentials. You can use this RPL certificate to showcase to your employers that you have the experience needed to accomplish a specific job or use it as a pathway towards further education and getting a diploma. 

Especially if you have a significant job portfolio in a specific field (whether it’s paid or unpaid work), you may be eligible for certain RPL qualifications. 

For instance, if you have long-term experience working in an office environment as a clerk handling various secretarial work, you might be able to get and qualify for an operating management RPL certificate.

It’s worth noting, however, that you might have to still take some RPL gap training to qualify for certification and diploma, which is why it’s important to partner with an exceptional and experienced RTO to get the most mileage out of the skills you possess. 

Additionally, your experience must be based in Australia. Otherwise, you have to apply for a trade qualification instead. A trade qualification is essentially the same thing as an RPL trade recognition, but it is for experiences gathered abroad or outside the country. The assessment process might be different since your experience abroad needs to be understood.


What are the benefits of RPL certification?

There are many benefits you can expect when you achieve your RPL certification. Aside from providing the applicants with formal certificates or qualifications, here are some of the other advantages an RPL can provide:

  • Shorter RPL course duration for certifications and diplomas. An RPL certificate allows you to earn a specific qualification faster since you already possess the required competencies. As a result, you can skip some of the credit you need and only study what you don’t know.
  • Improve your CV and get access to more earnings. With a formal RPL certification, you can get access to more job opportunities and a higher salary range as you’ve increased the value of your work experience. In addition, an RPL is a globally recognised certification that can help you find employment overseas if you wish.
  • Progress to other educational options and training programs. With an RPL certification, you can also get access to other educational pathways that can further expand your knowledge and opportunities. 
  • Develop your perceptions and skills. By applying and understanding the RPL requirements, you can develop your own goals and move towards the philosophy of lifelong learning. Furthermore, you can get the necessary qualifications for a better job environment and upskill quickly.


How to get an RPL certificate?

To get an RPL certificate, you simply have to apply with Everthought. As Australia’s pioneer building and construction training and educational provider, we offer many benefits.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for your RPL certification with us here at Everthought:


Gather the requirements

Before you formally apply with us and gain your RPL certification, you have to gather the requirements you need for our application process. This mainly consists of two references from qualified tradespersons that you’ve formerly worked with, whether as an employee or a contractor. You also need to have a work history of at least three to four years within the industry you’re planning to gain certification.


Enrol and undergo an over-the-phone interview

Before you worry about the RPL certificate cost, you have to formally enrol with us, which requires you to visit our website and fill out a short form that contains most of the information we need towards getting you your RPL certification. From there, we’ll reach out to you and conduct an over-the-phone interview to get to know you just a little bit better.

We will let you know if you possess any knowledge gaps in the qualifications, and the best thing is that we can help you cover those gaps through our on-site training or online builder’s courses


Reference check and issuing of RPL certification

As part of the reference check process, we will reach out to your listed references and ask them about your work experience. Do note that these are the primary factors we consider when assessing your eligibility for our RPL certificates:

  • Evidence of past work can be through paid or voluntary work that you have undertaken in Australia, especially within the past three years in the building and construction industry.
  • Past qualifications or statements of attainment.
  • References from current and past employment.

After everything is in order and our team has reviewed your qualifications, you simply have to wait for us to issue your RPL certificate. It’s that simple.

Build your career and turn your informal experience into formal qualifications by enrolling in our RPL certification program here at Everthought. We’re a leading training organisation that provides support and information to those who want to strive in the building and construction industry.

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