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Builder’s Licence

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Established in 2011, Everthought is an online and on-site educational institution providing an array of courses dedicated to developing yourself as a builder. From formal courses that are required by your state to register as a builder, to programs that allow you to specialise and pick up hireable skills in the industry, you can find them all on our platform.

Take the time to browse through our course offerings and enrol today! With us, we can build your future and accomplish great things, from establishing your own construction business to managing your own team of builders.

What do you need a builder’s licence for?

A builder’s licence is a requirement in Australia if you want to work as a builder or tradesperson. The builder’s licence application process is different per territory, but in general, you will need to gain a combination of experience, technical qualifications (such as certificates), technical qualifications, skills, and knowledge.

There are also different types and classes of builders’ licences available, with each allowing different privileges. For example, a residential contractor licence may allow you to work on specialised projects for consumers (such as building a housing complex) and the ability to hire and manage your own team.

Note that these terminologies of the classes and types of builders’ licences do also vary per region or territory, so it’s important to check with your local state’s guidelines on your personal qualification and how they translate.

At Everthought, we believe that it is important to equip yourself with the technical skills, foundational understanding, and practical knowledge of building and construction to close the gap towards achieving any type of general builder’s licence. 

From a commercial builder’s licence to a builder contractor licence, our builder’s courses can equip you with the necessary skills to help you get that builder’s certificate with ease. We also offer various diploma and non-diploma building and construction courses that can help you specialise and stand out in the construction and building industry.

How to get a builder’s licence?

As mentioned above, applying for a builder’s licence and the builder’s licence requirements can differ based on the area of Australia you live in. There are areas where you simply need experience to facilitate the registration process, while others require information like safety training, documents of courses you’ve taken, and a recommendation from a supervisor for your eligibility for a builder’s licence.

We strongly recommend consulting with your state’s building and construction authority for more information regarding the requirements you need to be registered as a builder in your state. However, here’s a general guide of what you might need for your application:

  • Experience. While the amount of experience differs from state to state, you’ll most likely need two to seven years of experience working as a contractor, sub-contractor, or employee of a licenced builder to qualify for a building licence. A reference will most likely be needed, and some states only consider paid work as part of your experience as a builder.
  • Formal qualifications and educational background. Some states require the applicant to have certain qualifications. You may need a Diploma in Building and Construction CPC50220 or CPC50320 (NSW) or a Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC40120 (NT) to qualify for a builder’s licence. You may also receive a different class of builder’s licence depending on your qualifications, which may restrict you to working on low-rise and medium-rise projects.
  • Financial capability. You may be asked to provide information that you are in good financial standing when you apply for a builder’s licence. You may also have to pay some fees that are associated with processing your builder’s licence application.


You may also be asked to take a test and provide evidence that you have extensive knowledge of the building code and regulations. Therefore, while you might have the experience that builders and contractors possess, you should also invest in a course or program that can help you earn your builder’s licence.

Everthought can help you as we offer a range of builder’s courses online, on-site, and blended so that you can effortlessly gain the formal qualifications you need to pursue your builder’s licence. We also offer other great programs that help you specialise and create other pathways to a career in construction and building. 

For those who have a substantial amount of experience as well, you can opt for our recognition of prior learning program. You can fast-track the completion of any of our certificate programs, such as our Certificate III in Carpentry CPC30220, as long as you pass the respective RPL assessment.

How long does it take to get a builder’s licence?

Earning your builder’s licence can take up to seven or eight years of education and experience to qualify. 

For the processing of the licence itself, it also generally depends on the state where you apply. Some states can process applications as fast as six to eight weeks, while others can take from ten to twelve weeks. 

Note that the more complicated your application is, the more time it might take to review and process your application. You must provide clear and concise information and answers to the questions asked. 

Build your future and work towards a builder’s licence today with Everthought, a premier building and construction educational provider.

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