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Our apprentices are supported and taught by experts in their respective fields including carpentry, tiling, brick and block work and much more; they will share their skills and experiences from working in the Building and Construction industry and apply this to the concepts in your course.

Together with your trainers, our Student Support Team will make sure you are supported each step of the way: guiding you through your subjects to lead you towards finishing what you started.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Australian Apprenticeship:

  • offers you the opportunity to combine training with working, meaning you can learn and earn whilst working towards the completion of a nationally recognised qualification
  • you can be any working age
  • you can be working full-time, part-time or be school-based
  • you will earn a qualification in the construction industry that could really take you places

You can use your qualification to work anywhere in Australia and around the world.

Everthought provides Apprenticeship opportunities to eligible students based in both Western Australia and Queensland.  Apprentices are trained in a skilled trade such as carpentry, wall and floor tiling, bricklaying and blocklaying, and upon successful completion will become a qualified tradesperson.

To find out what course you can enrol in, please contact us.

You must already be employed to enrol as an apprentice at Everthought. Speak to your employer about choosing Everthought as your Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO).

For eligibility requirements, please visit:

Western Australian Apprentices:

Students in Western Australia wishing to enrol into an apprenticeship or traineeship pathway may be eligible for funding under the Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Apprenticeship Office. The Office registers and administers training contracts and regulates the apprenticeship system in Western Australia, in accordance with Part 7 of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996 (the Act) and the associated Regulations.

A training contract is a legally binding agreement between the employer and the apprentice or trainee. In signing the training contract, both parties are bound by certain obligations expressed in the contract. The training contract sets out the terms of the apprenticeship or traineeship, which are agreed to by both the employer and the apprentice or trainee, such as:

  • the qualification the apprentice or trainee is working towards
  • the nominal term of the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • the number of hours in training and employment provided each week
  • arrangements for on and off the job training.

For available courses and associated fees, please see the table below. To access Concession rates, you will need to demonstrate your eligibility, the details of which can be found here in the DTWD VET Fees and Charges Policy. You can also find information on other concessions, exemptions, and general terms and conditions.

CourseIndicative fees*
Resource FeeConcessionNon-ConcessionConcession TOTALNon-Concession TOTAL
CPC31311 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling$1,089.23$732.42$2,554.50$1,851.65$3,643.73
CPC30111 Certificate IIII in Bricklaying/Blocklaying$683.45$760.48$2,548.00$,1443.93$3,231.45
CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry$832.09$814.80$2,730.00$1,675.82$3,591.02

* The Student tuition fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as Student service and resource fees.
For more information contact Everthought Education or visit:


Queensland Apprenticeship:
User Choice – is a program for eligible Queenslanders that provides a public funded contribution towards your training. Student usually pays a co-contribution fee.  For further information regarding fees either contact us, or find out further information by visiting the Queensland Government Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) website: Course Search Results: Queensland Skills Gateway (

The Free apprenticeships for under 25s program will cover the cost of training for Queensland apprentices or trainees who commenced or are undertaking an apprenticeship in the Building and Construction industry. 


Student Contribution Fees 

Student Contribution Fees are an apprentice’s contribution to the cost of tuition. As an apprentice under the User Choice Queensland funding program, it is mandatory to pay Student Contribution Fees. Student Contribution Fees are currently set at $1.60 per nominal hour for each unit of competency (as set by the Department of Education, Training and Employment Queensland). These fees may change at the discretion of the Department. 

Apprentices may be eligible for a partial or full exemption from these fees if they provide evidence they are eligible for concession – please get in touch to find out more. 


Partial Exemption (apprentice must pay 40% of Student Contribution Fee) 

  • If you are or will be under 17 at the end of February in the year training is provided, and you are not at school and did not complete year 12; 
  • If you hold a health care card or pensioner card issued under Commonwealth law, or are the partner or dependent of a person who holds a health care card or pensioner concession card, and are named on the card; 
  • If you have an official form under Commonwealth law confirming that you, your partner or the person of whom you are a dependent, is entitled to concessions under a health care card or pensioner concession card; or 
  • If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person

Full Exemption 

  • If you would be caused extreme financial hardship, you may be exempt from the fees; 
  • If you are a school-based apprentice; 
  • If you graduated Year 12 and you commence an apprenticeship within twelve months of completing Year 12 (by the end of the calendar year following completion of Year 12). Please note this applies to students who commenced their apprenticeship after 1 January 2014. 

Student contribution fees apply for all units of competency (including any which are achieved by recognition of prior learning) unless you have previously achieved the unit of competency (either the same unit name and code, or deemed equivalent) and provide a Statement of Attainment as evidence. 

Student contribution fees are payable prior to commencing training in the unit of competency. You may apply for exemption at any time for fees that have not yet been charged.


Refunds of Student Contribution Fees for User Choice Funded Apprenticeships 

  • A full refund will be paid to apprentices for Student Contribution Fees charged for training delivery that has not commenced at the time of the cancellation of enrolment 
  • Where an apprentice has withdrawn from a Unit of Competency and training has commenced, a refund will not apply 

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