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If you’re looking to work in the field of construction or building and are looking for a builder’s course online, Everthought is here to help. We offer a wide array of professional programs from building and construction courses to recognition of prior learning.

Founded in 2011, Everthought has campuses in all parts of Australia, from Perth to Queensland. Our campuses are supported by skilled trainers and assessors, enabling us to deliver training across the country. We also provide flexible study options that are designed around your schedule and focus on practical learning and hands-on experience. Everthought also has a great international training program for those international students building and construction allowing you to get a student visa and access to great employment opportunities after graduation. 

With us, you can truly develop yourself in a career in building or construction or learn new skills to go even further with the experience you already have. Visit our website for more information and browse through our catalogue of courses and programs. Enrol today!

Why is it important to study a builder’s course?

There are many reasons why taking a builder’s course online can be important. As the industry of construction and engineering is constantly changing, taking that extra step in working towards your qualification can prove to be an asset in this day and age. 

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to get a certificate/diploma with Everthought whether you’re looking for online building technology courses or an on-site course in construction:

Get access to more options

As the building and construction industry is vast, taking that extra step to develop yourself through a builder’s course online can make you stand out from the rest. Specialising in a specific field (taking a design program or carpentry training) can expand your knowledge and provide greater opportunities for your career.

Accomplishing things like a cert 4 construction or taking a virtual building safety course with an adaptive and effective construction school like Everthought can also help bridge the gap towards getting your builder’s licence. Once you’ve taken some online construction courses and obtained this licence, you’ll just have to network and find roles that interest you.

Be your own boss

Many trades in construction, such as carpentry and plumbing, can allow you to run a small business and earn a sizable income. Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship or online course with us, you can show clients that you have the necessary skills and experience under your belt. While starting your own business may seem like tough work, taking a builder’s course online is a great way to take some time to plan for your future.

Make a real impact

Unlike other industries, a career in construction can be fundamental to society. Throughout the duration of your career, you’ll be building important forms of infrastructure from hospitals, bridges, to schools for students. This means that you can make a genuine and lasting impact through your job and are ensuring that communities flourish, and people live better lives.

What are the career outcomes after completing this course?

Due to the range of courses we provide, the career outcomes heavily depend on what you choose to study with Everthought. However, note that the construction industry is one of the largest in Australia, allowing you to find job prospects quite quickly if you are qualified in building and construction.

With our builder’s course online and depending on what you are personally interested in, there are some of the projects you may be working on, across different sectors:

  • Civil engineering and infrastructure. Get to build important infrastructure projects like bridges and railways. 
  • Commercial and residential. Create spaces for families and businesses and contribute to a developing community.
  • Agriculture. Help farmers and people within the agricultural sector grow their crops efficiently through construction.
  • Industrial. Be involved in developing new industrial zones, from factories to manufacturing plants.
  • Environmental. Make a change towards a greener world through the establishment of solar wind farms and eco-friendly recycling centres.
  • Institutional. Be at the forefront of constructing important spaces from schools to hospitals and ensuring that they are functional and practical.


Not only are the job opportunities vast, but the earning potential for a career in construction and building is also impressive. For example, according to, the average qualified carpenter in Australia earns up to $74,000 per year. At the higher end, a career in construction management can take upwards of $125,000 per year.

How to enrol in a builder’s course?

Enrolling in a builder’s course online at Everthought just takes a few steps to accomplish. Firstly, as we offer a vast array of different programs, from apprenticeships to specific certifications (from CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry to CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction, be sure to check out what we have to offer and select the program you are most interested in.

Then, check out the details of the course, such as the entry requirements, the duration of the course, as well as the location. We offer on-site learning opportunities, blended programs, as well as a builder’s course online, so do choose the learning medium that works best for you.

Following that, all you have to do is fill out our short form and wait for a response from our team here at Everthought. You can also choose to call our hotline for more information, and if you have questions about our educational services. 

Expand what you know and gain effective skills towards your career in the construction or building industry with Everthought today. With us as your partner in education, you can build your future and work towards a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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