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Alternative To ‘Certificate IV In Building And Construction Free TAFE’

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Searching for terms like ‘Certificate IV in Building and Construction free TAFE’ sometimes feels like running around in circles, especially if you’re not finding the course or diploma that you want.


In the ever-evolving construction industry, a Certificate IV in Building and Construction is vital to building a successful construction career. It fulfils the licensure prerequisites needed to participate in building projects and distinguishes you in a competitive job market.


But would learning via TAFE courses online be the best choice for you, or are you better served at an RTO?


RTO or TAFE: What’s the difference?


Deciding between a TAFE and an RTO for your construction course is a big step. You want to be certain that searching for ‘Certificate IV in Building and Construction free TAFE’ online is the right step for your desired career direction. Both VET learning facilities offer unique benefits, but one may suit your goals and learning style better.


Let’s break it down.


Technical and Further Education (TAFE) facilities are government-funded. While they have large learning facilities and offer a broad range of courses, their campuses may not be accessible for many, and the available courses may not offer as much flexibility as some learners may need. TAFE courses may have limited enrolment slots as well, depending on the provider, course, or even student availability.


Registered training organisations (RTOs) like Everthought, meanwhile, often specialise in specific industries and offer targeted and practical training in fields such as building and construction. They’re also known for providing flexible learning options and access to industry experts as instructors.


The benefits of RTOs


TAFE courses cover a wide range of education, which can be good if you’re still deciding on your specific construction path but may not be as effective if you’re serious about pursuing a career in the industry. Student or learner eligibility may have higher or stricter requirements as well, limiting your potential access.


But you don’t have to keep looking up ‘Certificate IV in Building and Construction free TAFE’ online.


RTOs like Everthought can provide focused learning on specific components of your chosen industry or vocational education, offering in-depth theory learning and practical skills directly applicable to your current level of expertise along the way.


If you prefer a more focused approach to learning and have strong connections to your chosen industry, then an RTO like Everthought is a great choice for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is Certificate IV in Building and Construction available online?


Generally, CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction and its equivalent RPL certification are available online, providing students with a flexible learning pathway to develop new skills in construction.


With that said, forget about looking up ‘Certificate IV in Building and Construction free TAFE online’. Everthought offers the course via online and on-campus learning for both domestic and international students, while RPL certification is available via virtual assessment. For online course takers, you will be required to complete work-based components and work within the sector during the course.


For RPL course takers, gap training may be required. If you require gap training, please contact us to learn which formal study courses are needed to complete your certification.


Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in this course?


Growing a builder or construction career requires, among other things, a QBCC Builders Licence or its equivalent in your state. To achieve these licences, you will need to complete the appropriate Australian TAFE building courses or RTO training. This may even be what prompted your search for ‘Certificate IV in Building and Construction free TAFE’ online.


There are no formal prerequisites for CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction, but if you have three to four years of work experience that qualified builders can verify via work referrals, we advise getting in touch with our student support to see if you qualify for RPL certification instead.


Everthought also offers both on-campus and online course delivery, where applicable, for learning flexibility. 


Is there a minimum age requirement for enrolling in this course?


There are certain certifications and training requirements for trade recognition Australia-based builders need if they’re planning on developing a career in carpentry or construction.


Among these requirements is the completion of certificate courses or diploma programmes. The minimum enrolment age for vocational courses like Building Construction Certificate IV varies by learning facility but typically averages eighteen years old for entry-level courses.


Learners are also typically required to have completed the Australian Year 12 qualification or its equivalent. Meanwhile, other courses, like advanced RTO-accredited online courses or TAFE programmes, may require additional or prerequisite training.


These requirements may apply even for free construction courses online that you might find, whether they fall under ‘free TAFE courses Australia’, ‘Certificate IV in Building and Construction free TAFE’, or more general search terms.


At Everthought, we encourage prospective students to verify course eligibility requirements before enrolling to ensure a smooth and productive learning experience.


Empower your future with Everthought


We at Everthought aim to prepare our students for a successful future in construction and carpentry. Since 2011, we’ve provided quality training and education for aspiring builders and construction professionals nationwide, such as online construction courses designed to prepare you for future success.


With our construction certificate courses (like CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction) and diploma programmes, expert instructors with a minimum of ten years of experience, and student-centric facilities, we make sure you get the best training we can offer.


Along with close ties to construction industry experts, Everthought can provide valuable networking opportunities as well, paving the way for greater hiring potential after completing your certification course or diploma programme. At Everthought, we transform limitless potential into career-building skills.


Stop looking up ‘Certificate IV in Building and Construction free TAFE’. Get in touch with us at Everthought and enrol in a builders course online today.

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