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Certificate IV in Building and Construction

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Advance your career and get access to better job opportunities with Everthought’s Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) program. Not only do you gain industry-leading knowledge and skills, you can also create a pathway towards a builder’s licence with our training.

Everthought is a premier registered training organisation within Australia that offers several qualifications and certificates that are here to help our students develop the competency they need to work on any type of building project.

Not only do we offer the Cert 4 Building and Construction (CPC40120) course, we also offer a range of different learning programs to help you specialise and diversify your personal skill set. From our Certificate 4 in Carpentry (CPC30220) to our numerous courses for builders, you can certainly find something that can help you grow and elevate your standards as an industry professional.

The best part about Everthought is our commitment to catering to different styles and mediums of education. Some of our courses are designed to be taught in a blended or even completely online classroom, meaning we’re one of the few RTOs in Australia that offers online construction courses. You can adjust your schedules accordingly and even study in the comfort of your own home!

Enrol with us today and find out if you’re eligible for any of our programs by applying directly on our website! You can also find relevant information about our Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) and other programs.


What can you learn from a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120)?

Within our Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) or Cert 4 Building and Construction program, you gain the skills and knowledge to become a professional builder. This entails learning and studying different techniques for managing a successful building business, creating construction plans, and, lastly, supervising on-site construction projects.

This means you gain a mix of both trade-specific skills and management skills as this course is mainly focused on construction management. However, you’ll still gain a trade outcome in building, and experience construction work in both residential and commercial applications.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that this course is a prerequisite to gaining a building cert or contractor licence in some states. Essentially, it includes a lot of theoretical and practical learning that can help you prepare for the construction industry, as well as specialist work.

Our Cert 4 Building and Construction program is mainly delivered on-site through our purpose-designed facilities, but we also offer an online option that has some additional tech requirements. Also, as an Everthought guarantee, know that all training is delivered by accredited trade professionals with relevant industry experience.


How long does it take to complete a Certificate IV in Building and Construction?

As Everthought is an RTO that offers several unique learning pathways, the overall course duration will differ depending on the type of application you choose. The Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) that we offer can take up to eight weeks or one full year of learning.

Here are some general instructions on how long it takes to complete your certificate depending on which pathway you select:


On-campus (Domestic)

For our domestic students, it takes one year of full-time learning to accomplish the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) course. Anyone who’s above the age of 18 and has completed Australian Year 12 can apply. However, there is an additional LLN assessment that needs to be accomplished. Online learning is also available for domestic applicants.


On-campus (International)

International students applying via a student visa will spend the same amount of time studying as domestic students, which is one year of full-time study or four terms. Application requirements are also quite similar to our domestic applicants (completion of Australian Year 11 or equivalent, over 18 years of age). However, there is an additional English language requirement to ensure proper course delivery.


Skill and experience recognition program

Everthought offers a recognition of prior learning program, which is great for trade experts with the experience to fast-track their diploma or builder’s certificate. You can get your informal work experience assessed and save on costs as you simply need to take our RPL assessment to be eligible for direct completion of units for your Cert IV in Construction or any relevant builder’s course. 

Overall, this RPL certification program can take about two to eight weeks, depending on whether additional gap training is needed.


Online learning

If you’re interested in studying the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) course but can’t commit to on-campus learning, then our online course might be ideal for you. You can complete the program at your own pace as long as you finish within two years. If you commit to it full-time, you can finish it in one year or four terms. Although there are no pre-entry requirements to the course, you will be required to take a quiz that will help us determine whether you need additional learning support.

With Everthought Now, you can study anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re a domestic or an international student, there’s always an option for you to complete your certificate with us.


What are the career outcomes after completing a Certificate IV in Building and Construction?

Upon completion of our Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120), you have access to the following career options:


Licensed builder

In some states, a Cert 4 Building and Construction is enough to qualify for a licence. This means after you take the course and get licensed, you can start to independently carry out different types of building and construction work. Becoming a licensed builder will expose you to a range of jobs, and you can start your own small business or work for a building company.


Construction planner

If your skills are better for managing and coordinating worksite-related tasks, such as deciding work orders and paying all the fees needed, you can also find work as a construction planner. You can utilise your management skills from the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) program to ensure a successful project.


Construction manager

Construction managers are among the most-sought-after career choices in the building and construction industry. Across the sector, this is one of the most supervisory and well-paid jobs. Managing construction projects requires great leadership. Your main role includes overseeing projects from start to finish, and you are in charge of hiring and supervising your team of workers.

Build your career today! Enrol in our Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) at Everthought and expand your horizons within the building and construction industry.

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