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What You Need To Know About A Carpentry And Joinery Course

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Looking for construction training, like a carpentry and joinery course, for career advancement in the field of building and construction in Australia? 


Begin your career in carpentry with Everthought’s CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry. We offer a variety of accredited carpentry programmes to prepare you for a fruitful career as a carpenter.


Learn more about our course offerings and what we can do to prepare you for a successful carpentry career.


How to be a carpenter or joiner


Pursuing further studies


If you have your eye on a carpentry and joinery course, you may want to consider securing a carpentry certification first. In our CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry, also known as our Cert 3 Carpentry programme, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to begin working on a building site. 


There is a strong focus on the residential industry in this course, which means it is more about domestic construction. However, you will also learn skills that apply to outdoor projects. We also offer a range of different educational programmes to help you gain access to the certificate or diploma you need, from a waterproofing course or woodworking class to classes on bricklaying, concreting, and more.


Those who have been looking up a carpentry and joinery course may be interested to know that our students can take our courses either on-site or as online training programmes, if eligible and depending on individual study preferences and schedules.


Flexible learning options


If you are pursuing building and construction courses in hopes of entering this industry in Australia, Everthought offers flexible learning options through our on-campus classes and remote learning platforms for certifications (if eligible). 


With our Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL certification, you can use your prior education and experience to fast-track your studies and complete your qualification. This could grant you nationally recognised certifications similar to what Trade Recognition Australia awards workers.


Those looking through the search results for ‘carpentry and joinery course’ in hopes of becoming a construction manager or licenced builder may find it helpful to know that we offer the same flexible options for our CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction course. 


Apprenticeship options


If your goal is to become a carpenter or joiner, you typically need to complete more than just one carpentry and joinery course. You will need a carpentry certification or seek admission to a joinery certification programme.


At Everthought, you could also complete CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry through an apprenticeship with your current employer, which usually takes forty-eight months to complete.


As an apprentice, you enter into a formal training contract with an employer. As well as learning practical skills on the job, you receive structured training from a registered training provider. We work with employers and students to deliver training and assessment on the job, providing apprentices with expert support and guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are carpentry and joinery?


It’s crucial for those looking up a carpentry and joinery course to understand the subtle differences between the two fields.


Carpentry involves building and installing wooden and metal structures and fixtures for various kinds of residential or commercial buildings. In addition to planning and constructing wooden floors and frameworks, roofs and ceilings, and laying timber floors, these workers may also lay timber floors. They may also finish and repair wooden structures such as foundations, walls, roofs, windows and doors.


Additionally, a carpenter cuts and shapes the materials that they use before assembling and nailing them into place. They may also install door handles, locks, underlayment for flooring, insulating material, and other fittings. These tasks and responsibilities are done on-site.


As for joinery, it is a specific type of carpentry that involves building wooden items away from the worksite, such as bookcases, cabinets, doors, window frames, and stairs. Once the wood pieces are sent to the site, a carpenter will fix them.


Are there different levels of carpentry and joinery courses?


If you are looking to enter a carpentry trade school to take a carpentry and joinery course, know that it is not a one-and-done process. You need to go through various levels of education and construction training to be a certified carpenter or joiner in Australia.


As mentioned, you will need to complete a CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry. After completion, you can explore carpentry specialisations like joinery, roofing, ship carpentry, and more. If you’re interested in joinery, it’s at this point where you can take additional on-site or online construction courses, if eligible, to sharpen your niche skills, such as a woodcraft workshop or other relevant classes.


How do I choose the right carpentry and joinery school or programme?


Your successful career as a carpenter or joiner begins with high-quality training. Find a carpentry trade school with qualified training, opportunities for flexible learning, and enhanced support programmes that focus on your growth and development. You also want flexibility in terms of managing finances to ensure you can complete your carpentry diploma course without stress.


At Everthought, our trainers – both virtually and on campus – have a minimum of ten years of experience in their respective industries. Our training and facilities reflect current industry standards and are all purpose-built for hands-on learning experiences. In addition, we have a variety of payment options to fit your financial situation.


Everthought: Shaping the future of construction education


At Everthought, we specialise in providing top-notch training and skills development in the construction and building sector. With a rich history since our inception in 2011, we’ve become synonymous with excellence in education, dedicated to equipping our students with unparalleled knowledge and expertise.


With campuses located in Brisbane, Queensland, and Perth, Western Australia, we offer comprehensive coverage and accessibility. Our teaching is further supported by a network of skilled trainers and assessors across Australia.


Our goal is to see our students and partners not only achieve but exceed their personal best. Students, trainers, and partners form a collaborative network, sharing ideas and supporting one another towards common goals.


Whether you’re looking to start a career in building and construction or aiming to elevate your existing skills, our commitment at Everthought is to pave your path to success in the construction industry. Get in touch with us to explore how we can assist you in building your future, one skill at a time.

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