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Waterproofing Course

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Completing a waterproofing course is the first step to having a successful waterproofer career in Australia. Courses about waterproofing will equip you with the knowledge and skills you will need to earn certificates and licences – like a QBCC licence, contractor licence, or RPL certification – to operate as a waterproofer in the country. Because the quality of education you get from your course is essential in increasing your chances of getting licences, enrol in reputable education providers only. 

Everthought Education Pty Ltd, RTO 32438 is a top choice for high-value building and construction courses, including waterproofing courses, among students who want to advance their career in construction in Australia. Because we are also a registered CRICOS provider, our courses are open to international students as well. For experienced waterproofers who wish to get a trade qualification to move up in their careers, we are a recognised prior learning Australia assessor that offers virtual assessments for the convenience of applicants.

Because a waterproofing course is a major investment to make for your future career, money-wise and time-wise, you must gather as much information as possible about the course first so you can make an informed decision for your education. Read on to learn about the skills, career outcomes, and requirements when enrolling on a waterproofing course.


What skills can I learn from a waterproofing course?

In a nutshell, what you can potentially acquire from a waterproofing course are the knowledge and skills needed to perform different waterproofing tasks that prevent damage from water or dampness on construction sites. The skills you will learn from the course must also pass the Australian standards for construction waterproofing. 

Everthought offers the Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing CPC31420 course where you will undergo multiple units in competency including both core and elective units. You can check out all the subjects or units that you will be taking under Everthought’s waterproofing course in this course outline. The initial units of the course will be learning about the requirements, policies, and procedures in the construction industry to set a solid foundation for your education. From there, your knowledge base will be built up through discussions and practical applications of your learnings. Our professional trainers and assessors will provide you with a hands-on approach to learning in our purpose-built training centres with consideration for your unique learning style. 


What are the career outcomes after completing a course on waterproofing?

Completing a waterproofing course expands your knowledge and skill set in the field of building construction. The course can also set you up to be a certificated or licence holder for waterproofing so you can practice as a certified waterproofer in Australia. The average waterproofer salary in the country is about $73,000 annually. The course can also provide you with valuable knowledge in the area to start your own business in construction or waterproofing if you prefer to offer more specific services. 

The waterproofing course of Everthought will prepare you to work in both residential and commercial construction industries covering interior and exterior areas of the projects. This provides you with more opportunities to generate income and grow your career or business at the same time. 


Are there entry requirements for a waterproofing course?

There are two primary ways to get into the waterproofing industry in Australia – apprenticeship or skills recognition. Depending on which approach is most suitable for you, the entry requirements vary. Everthought offers both study modes to our waterproofing course. 

In our apprenticeship study option, you will be working physically at the employer’s worksite so you are required to be at a minimum working age. Other requirements for traineeship include a white card in general construction induction or CPCCWHS1001 SOA, having access to tools and equipment according to FERC, and you must be a registered apprentice, which means you will sign a legally binding agreement with your employer through a training contract. International students may also be asked to present English language requirements, like the completion of an LLN assessment, although it is not necessarily a barrier to entry to the course. The duration of the waterproofing apprenticeship is four years. 

If you have previous experience or relevant training in waterproofing, our skills and recognition program is a better fit for you. The primary entry requirement for an RPL assessment of your trade skills would be at least three to four years of demonstrated experience. You must also be able to present a minimum of two work referrals from qualified builders. The assessment will be done virtually, but arrangements can be made to fit your schedule. Depending on the experience and knowledge that you can prove, the duration for waterproofing skills recognition can be anywhere from two to eight weeks. In case there are knowledge gaps, we can provide you with quality gap training so you can still pass your skills recognition assessment. 

Everthought offers a suite of qualifications and courses in building and construction, including our water proofing course, to provide fresh graduates with a chance to start a successful career in the field. Our courses are also valuable for experienced workers who want to gain qualifications, certifications, or licences to further their careers. As a CRICOS-registered institution, we can also offer international students with Australian visa pathways when they enrol in our courses that are recognised nationally. 


Be eligible for a waterproofing licence or waterproofing installation certificate, and enrol in our waterproofing apprenticeship or skills recognition programs today.  Our experienced trainers and professional teaching staff will help you learn the techniques, practices, and knowledge needed to excel in this field.

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