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Licence To Build: How To Get A Builder’s Licence In NSW

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If you want to become a builder and begin working independently, operating your own business, or working as an employee of big businesses, you will need to obtain a builder’s licence in NSW. The process for obtaining these can be complicated. A builder’s licence requires that certain criteria are met before they can be issued. 

A builder’s licence is needed if you intend to build new residential or commercial properties on a regular basis, operate as an agent or contractor for building projects with third parties, or employ others to build on your behalf. If this doesn’t sound like something you’ll be doing regularly, it might not be necessary for you at this time. 

But we advise you to read on and find out more about what is involved in obtaining a builder’s licence in NSW so that if you do change your mind later down the track, you’ll have all the information you need right here at Everthought!

What does a Builder’s Licence allow you to do?

A builder’s licence allows you to build or construct a residence or any type of building on its own site or on a site already approved for construction activities. You can act as an agent or contractor on behalf of another person to carry out building work on a site already approved for construction activities. 

You can also employ employees to carry out building work and have employees working under your supervision whilst they are carrying out building work on a site.

Among the type of work that a NSW Builders Licence allows you to carry out or supervise include:

  • residential building work
  • commercial building work
  • industrial building work
  • demolishing buildings
  • asbestos removal work

How to get a Builder’s Licence in NSW

In order to obtain a builder’s licence in NSW, you must first meet certain eligibility criteria that is set out in the regulations associated with the Builders Licence, those for the GC Licence, and other legislation. You must also meet the terms and conditions of the licence. You may also be required to undergo a skills assessment. 

There is no one specific way to get a builder’s licence in New South Wales (NSW). The process may vary slightly depending on your qualifications and experience, but generally speaking, you will need to:

1. Meet the eligibility requirements. 

To be eligible for a builder’s licence in NSW, you must be over 18 years of age and have either completed an accredited course in construction or building management or demonstrated at least three years of relevant industry experience

2. Pass the licence exam. 

Once you have met the eligibility requirements, you will need to pass a written examination in order to obtain your licence.

3. Apply for your licence. 

Once you have passed the exam, you can then apply for your licence through the NSW Fair Trading website.

4. Pay the licence fee. 

There is a fee associated with obtaining a builder’s licence in NSW. The amount depends on the licencing type and coverage.

5. Renew your licence.

Your licence will need to be renewed based on the number of years of your coverage. You will need to pay the renewal fee before it expires and provide proof that you have completed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours during the year.

It might not be obvious that you need a building licence in order to build a house, but it’s true. Bodies such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission also require that companies and individuals applying for a builder’s licence have a good record of financial stability. This is to protect both potential customers and the public. 

If you live outside of New South Wales but you want more information about the requirements you need to fulfil in order to become registered as a builder in your state, we encourage you to look up the building and construction authorities’ requirements for your state. Alternatively you can contact us, and we will be happy to help.

When contemplating whether or not to pursue a certification or degree, it is critical to evaluate the skills and knowledge you already possess. At Everthought, we offer a certificate program known as RPL, which stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. The RPL certification program can potentially cut down on the amount of time and effort required to acquire your certificate for other programs such as our Certificate IV In Building And Construction.

New South Wales is a rising star when it comes to construction. From apartments to hotels, the demand for building construction is continuously growing in New South Wales and Australia. Construction job growth is also expected to continue expanding over the next decades. 

It also helps that there are many incentives for building and construction in NSW. Builders in NSW enjoy a great deal of autonomy and often set their own hours. The job market for builders is extremely competitive, and you will need to be able to speak in front of a group of people from different backgrounds and hold your own in any type of environment.

To build your career and find the right opportunity that fits you best, you need to understand what builders do and how you can become one. Everthought’s approach to education not only gives you an overview of what builders do and where they work, it prepares you with all the skills and experience you need to become a builder in New South Wales or any other state in Australia.

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