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Tradies Road Rage Brawl Caught on Dash-Cam

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3 Brisbane Tradies have been caught on dash-cam footage in a furious road-side brawl.

Channel 9 news reported on the incident, claiming neither party has faced any penalty as of yet.


It’S the dashcam era — where a road rage brawl between three Brisbane tradies was this week captured on video, for the world to see.

They’ve copped a public shaming but, so far, they’ve escaped any other penalty.

Police are reluctant to prosecute, because none of the men involved – fathers Dale Reigos and Brent Leitner, along with Leslie Nangle, 74 – are pressing charges.

A violent brawl between three men on a busy Brisbane road has sparked public safety fears.

Bill Potts, from the Queensland Law Society, says that’s not good enough.

“More often than not, the police might say, well look, it’s a nil-all draw, no-one’s complaining, so what’s the problem?” he said.

“But look, road rage is an insidious problem in our society.

“It makes people feel unsafe, and it endangers the public.”

Two tradesmen were filmed on a dash cam throwing punches towards another driver, who fell to the ground twice.

Mr Potts says the three men could be charged with public nuisance, based on the video evidence.

But police have confirmed no charges have been laid.

Meanwhile, Mr Reigos and Mr Leitner have been suspended from work – without pay – for the rest of the week, as their employer reviews the video.

In the vision, one man can be seen repeatedly punching Mr Nangle, who falls to the ground twice.

Despite the scuffle, neither the driver or the other tradesmen are pressing charges.

Moments earlier dashcam footage shows the tradies playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, stopping Mr Nangle’s Porsche from changing lanes.

The incident started a few hundred metres down Gympie Road when Mr Nangle cut in front of the ute while turning.

Speaking to 9News, Mr Nangle said he needed seven stitches after the scuffle, suffering multiple cuts and bruises.

“They both jumped in, I done my best to defend myself,” he said.

“There was no other reason for them to come out and at me like that but to attack me and I knew what was coming so I fronted up.

“Everybody’s getting angrier and angrier about everything.”

But, when 9News tracked down Mr Reigos and Mr Leitner, the two tradies denied any wrongdoing and claimed the elderly man cut them off first.

The fathers, from Upper Caboolture, said they were acting in “self-defence”.

“If someone’s coming at you, trying to grab me, what are you going to do?” Mr Reigos said.

“He’s putting my life in danger, Brent’s life in danger, I didn’t want it to turn out like that at all.”

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