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Recognised Prior Learning Australia

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When you want to grow your career and get access to better job opportunities, it might be time to consider the recognised prior learning Australia, also known as recognition of prior learning (RPL), programme at Everthought. 

Through our range of qualifications and wide builder’s courses catalogue, you can turn your informal experience and skills into a formal certificate or diploma today! From our RPL assessment to our RPL training, we work with the best and most certified trainers to help you expand your knowledge.

As a registered training organisation (RTO) with several top-of-the-line online construction courses, Everthought is a leader in offering apprenticeship programmes and practical courses in Australia, all of which are designed to help you advance your career in the building industry.

Throughout the duration of our recognised prior learning Australia programme, you’ll work with an assessor that determines your competency for specific credits towards a formal qualification. For those of you who want to start your own businesses or finally achieve the recognition you deserve, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Everthought also offers a quality programme for international students building and construction, which offers a path toward a student visa and employment opportunities after graduation. Enrol today in Everthought’s RPL courses and receive the support you need to jumpstart your career, whether you’re working towards a builder’s licence or simply seeking a record of prior learning for employment purposes.


What is recognised prior learning?

Recognised prior learning Australia, also known as prior learning assessment, is a process used by various regulatory bodies and learning centres to evaluate the skills and knowledge outside the classroom to recognise competence against a given category or standard.

RPL is used in many countries for a variety of purposes, including determining an individual’s standing in their profession, trade qualification, academic achievement, recruitment, performance management, and succession planning.

There are a variety of methods that are used for the assessment and determination of your eligibility for a certain qualification. These include the following: evaluation of prior experience gained through volunteer work, previous paid or unpaid employment (through references and project samples), or observation of actual workplace behaviour (practical skill). 

The main element of the recognised prior learning Australia programme at Everthought is the evidence that is provided by the applicant to support their claim and provide information regarding their capabilities given the set of learning outcomes in each diploma or certificate.

It’s important to know that the RPL certificate is completely different from a credit transfer, which is mainly an assessment conducted for advanced standing or academic credits. The essential difference is that the RPL qualifications consider a more flexible means of evaluation and may not require a formal study or test.


Why is recognition of prior learning important?

A recognised prior learning Australia programme is quite important due to the number of benefits and advantages it can provide for the applicant. 

Some people face severe disadvantages because of their circumstances when working towards a certificate or diploma without formal qualifications. With that in mind, the RPL process can help those specific individuals acquire a formal qualification that matches what they know and the skills they have, which can generally help with their personal development, employability, social inclusion, and self-esteem.

It’s also worth noting that RPL programmes take less time and are a more affordable option (as you’re paying for fewer units overall), which is quite important for those who value lifelong learning without the expensive RPL certificate costs. The programme also lets you put your skills into practice and further your career.


How to apply for recognised prior learning in Australia?

To apply for recognised prior learning Australia, you simply have to go to the RTO of your choice. As Australia’s leading provider of building and construction training and education, we encourage you to apply with us to enjoy our many benefits.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for your RPL with us at Everthought:


Gather the requirements

To start your recognised prior learning Australia, you must gather the requirements needed for our application process. Typically, this consists of two references from qualified tradespeople with whom you have previously worked, whether as an employee or a contractor. Additionally, you should have worked within the industry for at least three to four years before applying for certification.


Enrol and complete an over-the-phone interview

Our enrolment process requires that you visit our website and complete a form that contains most of the required information so that we can get you your RPL certification. After that, we’ll contact you to conduct a phone interview to learn a little more about you.

We will inform you whether you have any knowledge gaps in the qualifications, and the best part is that we can help you fill those gaps with our on-site training or online courses. 


Reference check and certification of RPL

We contact your references to obtain information about your work experience as part of the assessment process. Here are the primary factors we consider when assessing your eligibility for our recognised prior learning Australia programme:

  • A history of past work, such as paid or voluntary work you have undertaken in Australia, particularly within the past three years in the building and construction industry
  • Qualifications or accomplishment statements from the past
  • References from past and present employers

When everything is in order and our team understands your qualifications, you simply have to wait for us to issue your RPL certificate. That’s how we do things at Everthought.

By enrolling in our recognised prior learning Australia programme, you can transform your informal experience into formal qualifications. Enrol today!

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