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With Everthought’s range of builder’s licence courses, you can work towards getting the qualifications or certificates you need to apply for any type of contractor licence. From a subcontractor’s licence to a commercial contractor’s licence, we’re here to guide and provide the right amount of training to help you establish your career in the construction industry.

Established in 2011, Everthought is a premier registered training organisation and educational institution that has helped thousands of students apply for contractor’s licences. We offer several courses that are required for the trade contractor licence, including our Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120) program and our Diploma in Building and Construction (Building) (CPC50220) course.

With our industry professional trainers, you can also take advantage of our learning programs to accelerate your building and construction career. For instance, those with relevant trade experience can undergo registration for our recognised prior learning Australia program and our RPL assessment to meet the criteria for your specific contractor licence requirements.

We also offer other unique building courses designed to help you specialise and diversify your skill set, allowing you to work on bigger projects and gain access to a higher salary. Take some courses in architecture design or learn how to install fixtures without obtaining a Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30220). The possibilities are endless with Everthought’s range of building and construction courses.

What are you waiting for? Enrol today and fulfil the criteria for your contractor licence with our range of builder’s courses. 


What can I do with a contractor licence?

A contractor licence generally allows you to carry out any form of work or service that is related to the construction or building of a project. The scope of work varies with what type of contractor licence you have as well as the state where you register.

For reference, a QBCC contractor licence allows you to conduct work in the state of Queensland and has the following limitations/work scope:

  • Building or renovation work on domestic properties that are over $3,300, which includes materials and labour
  • Specialised work services, such as managing drainage, plumbing, gas fitting, and more
  • Building projects (as a supervisor or builder) – low-rise, medium-rise, and open (depending on your QBCC licence class)

Either way, it’s an essential form of documentation that showcases that you or your business meets the right qualifications to legally and safely conduct construction work within your area. The application process and the fees that are charged do differ per territory, so we strongly recommend checking with your local authority for the most accurate information. 

There are also different types and classes of contractor licence available, each with its limitations and privileges. For example, a construction contractor’s licence or a civil contractor licence can allow you to work on bigger and more specialised projects, with the ability to form a team of workers.


How to get a contractor licence in Australia?

As we’ve previously mentioned, applying for a contractor licence can differ based on the state you live in. Some areas require specific qualifications and units, while others simply require a history or experience. However, to help you out, here’s a general guide for what types of documents and training you might need for your licence:

  • Experience. In general, you’ll need between two and seven years of experience as a contractor, apprentice, or employee of a licensed builder to qualify for a contractor licence. There is a good chance you’ll need a reference, and some states only consider paid work as part of your experience as a builder.
  • Formal qualifications and educational background. Some states require the applicant to have certain qualifications, especially for more complicated licence types (supervisory and managerial). You’ll most likely need a diploma or certificate in building and construction to qualify for your contractor licence.
  • Financial capability. You may be asked to provide information that you are in good financial standing and have the necessary insurance when you apply for a contractor licence. You may also have to pay some fees that are associated with the processing of your application.

Once you have the requirements and have filled out the respective application form, you simply have to lodge your application with your local licensing authority either in person or via mail. From there, you simply have to wait for your result.

It’s important to note that most licences are only valid for a couple of years, meaning that you’ll most likely have to renew your application every couple of years. Again, we strongly advise consulting with your local licensing authority before applying for any of our trade qualifications.


How long does it take to get a contractor licence?

To qualify for your contractor licence, you may need seven or eight years of education and experience. Depending on where you apply, the time needed to process the licence itself varies. Applications can be processed in some states within six to eight weeks, while others can take ten to twelve weeks. 

Generally, the more complex your application is, the longer it will take to review and process it. For smoother processing, it is best to provide clear and concise information and answers to questions asked. 

Enrol today and become a qualified contractor with Everthought, a premier provider of construction education.

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