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It’s official – you need to get a license in Victoria before you start or continue contracting.

Just recently, the Victorian government recently passed legislation to introduce a new registration and licensing scheme for trade subcontractors and employees. Registration or a licence will be required to perform building work prescribed in the building regulations. This new registration and licensing of trades legislation might be confusing to some because of its complex guidelines. In this article, we’ve simplified them for you.

Significant Policy Changes

Basically, both the registration and license allow the qualified worker to perform the prescribed work physically.

Apprentices and trainees can perform building work for as long as their employer is registered. The employer must also be approved by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority to employ people under a training contract.

The policy is formed with everyone’s interests in mind. According to reports, the government aims to accomplish many goals with their implementation of the registration and licensing for trade subcontractors and employees.

What are the Objectives of the Scheme?

The objectives of the new registration and licensing scheme are:

  • ensure that those who do the work are qualified and experienced enough to carry it out
  • have more accountability should the worker not comply with certain rules and guidelines
  • reduce the instances of building workers not complying with rules and guidelines that are in place
  • promote the building industry and the professional skills related to it
  • minimise the number of under-the-table contracting arrangements

The registration scheme is planned to begin by 1 September 2020. However, the government is still analysing whether this date gives the industry enough time to prepare for the change within the dynamics.

Which Trades have to be Registered?

The Department of Environment, Land, Water, And Planning (DELWP), along with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), researched the industries and scopes of building work that they have to consider for licensing. They have certain criteria to assess the need and feasibility for these trades to be considered for the new registration and licensing scheme.

  • Stage 1 – carpentry
  • Stage 2 – bricklaying and block laying, waterproofing, wall and floor tiling, concreters, painters & decorators, insulation work, and plasterers
  • Stage 3 – solid plasterers, roof tiling, glazier, excavator and earthworks, landscaping, and demolition work
  • Stage 4 – floor finisher, trades involved in swimming pool and spa building, and other minor building work regulated in VIC
  • Stage 5 – work that already requires a high-risk work license (scaffolding, rigging, steel fixer, dogger, and crane operator)

The implementation stages are still subject to further regulation. All trades regarding building work do not have to be registered all at once. Because there is a huge number of unregulated trade subcontractors and employees that will rush to get licensing, the DELWP has planned a gradual transition to include more and more trades with every stage of implementation in the 5-year period.

What are the Application Requirements?

Applicants should go directly to the Victorian Building Authority to get registered. The criteria for provisional and full registration and licensing are still being determined. According to the DELWP, the specific details and requirements for registration and licensing are yet to be prescribed after enough consultation and consideration.

The most important thing to remember when applying for a license is being qualified. It is important to show proof of one’s expertise in the trade. By working with clients, companies, or building projects, a person will get enough experience and certification to prove their capabilities and skills. If a worker is not qualified, they will not be able to apply for a license in the first place.

As soon as officials have confirmed its list of prescribed trades, those who work in that trade have one year to apply for registration and licensing. Since not all trades are going to be listed immediately because of the implementation stages, a building worker can focus on getting properly qualified before the indicated application period.

What Can Be Done Now?

Those who are interested in working in the trade industry in the coming years should make use of the time now to get their qualification. People who intend to apply for a license must be knowledgeable enough about the work that they intend to keep doing and show proof for it.

It is one of the objectives of the scheme to assure everyone that those who hold a license are qualified to do the job. Many companies can help workers become qualified before September 2020. By getting the proper certification immediately, one would be able to apply for a license when the application period comes.

It is better to get qualified as soon as possible to show professionalism with the line of work. It will also assure clients of the quality of work that the person can provide and establish a healthy connection. Getting qualified now will have many advantages, so while the registration and licensing period is still far in the future, focus on qualification and certification first.

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