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Get Qualified Now, Increase Your Income After Lockdown!

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"Great experience, everyone involved was more than helpful throughout the whole process! 5 stars!" - Aaron D.


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Even in this time of hardship due to the COVID-19, it’s vital to have your qualifications recognised. As a digital team, Everthought Education will stay hard at work for you! We’re business as usual because we know diligent tradies like you need that extra push.

At Everthought Education, we don’t need social distancing at all with you. Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process is always 100% online. Even before the pandemic put us where we are now, our RPL worked as it is now.

We’re ok!

With that said, we’ll see if there’s any gap training that you might need. Gap training is necessary if you are not competent in a certain field for your trade. Our trainers will access your need for gap training. They will ensure that you are competent so you can get qualified.

How Can I Start Qualifying?

So, what do you need to get started? You only need two things: a digital skills assessment form and two reference testimonials. The DSA form is for you, whilst the reference testimonials are for your referees. You want them filled, completed, and ready for sending to begin your RPL process.

For your References, they can complete the online forms in their emails without printing. This process can help you save time, money, and hassle if they don’t have a printer.

Once everything is ready for you, we’ll have a dedicated trainer/assessor available over the phone and online. These experts will assist you with what you need if something is confusing you.

We believe that only a fellow tradie can assess their colleagues. All our trainers- assessors are tradies like you. They know how your expertise work, so we’ll have them work with you in making sure what you know helps you qualify.

We at Everthought Education value your time. You get to the training around work, and you can do it in your own time, at your own pace. We’re here to help you, so we’re here whenever you’re ready to take the next step.

We want you to be ready while you have this downtime. Getting qualified at home because of the pandemic can help you when this blows over. Preparing now will help you get as much work as possible.

Australia will need a ton of work from tradies like you once the pandemic lockdown goes away. The world stopped because of it, so it’s tradies like you who will spearhead the new world.

The demand for tradies will be on an all-time high. We at Everthought Education want you qualified and ready once all the jobs come knocking at your door.

Get Qualified In Six Easy Steps

Everthought Education follows a six (6) step process so you can secure your trades qualification. These steps are easy, and we’ll be there all the way to help. We’ll make sure to turn your on-site experience to a nationally recognised qualification.

  • First, we’ll have you talk to our experienced trades advisers who will explain our process.

The procedures we follow are easy and straightforward so that you won’t have a problem. We’ll go through the most efficient route that will help speed up the entire process for you.

  • Second, we’ll send you an easy to fill up the online registration form.

There’s no printing required, so all you need is a smartphone or a computer. Complete the details and submit.

  • Third, you can pick one of our three flexible payment options at your convenience.

You can pay upfront in full, set a deposit, and pay full on completion, or an interest-free payment plan. You can pay as little as $9 a day over 12 months, and you can do it with a few strokes of your phone!

  • Once you pass the payment options, complete the skills assessment form with your experience.

You also need two qualified references to complete the reference testimonials on your behalf. These will give us the proper information to move through the qualification process.

  • Fifth, our qualified trainers will assess your skills according to the evidence provided.

Our qualified trainers will conduct gap training to make sure that you are competent on all the skills that are relevant to your trade. If you are not competent on a certain skill, gap training is compulsory in order for you to get qualified. The entire process is simple and easy, so it’s not something you have to worry about.

  • Once the trainer confirmed your competence, the last step is you getting your certification!

From here, you can start on a better career as a qualified tradie.

Get your qualifications now while you still have the time. Once the COVID-19 outbreak ends, Australia needs its tradies to restore the country. The demand for tradies is going to skyrocket, so don’t miss out.

Everthought Education is here to help you. Stay safe, stay home, and qualify now.

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