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Building Licence Victoria

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Whether you’re an upstart builder looking to create your own construction business or are a contractor looking for bigger projects and better pay, Everthought is here to help guide you towards your building licence Victoria with our top-notch building and construction courses.

Let’s face it; becoming a professional and registered builder isn’t an easy task. Not only do you need to fill out a bunch of forms with your specific plans, but you also need to have the right knowledge and training and certificate to apply in the first place. 

Partnering with the right registered training organisation (RTO) can make the difference as they can help you prepare by providing technical and practical knowledge that can make getting your construction licence or commercial builder’s licence a breeze.

Established in 2011, Everthought is an RTO and Australian educational institution that offers a range of online construction courses as well as a builder registration course to help fast-track individuals towards getting the right qualifications for becoming licensed builders.

We also offer a variety of other additional programs that can help you apply and register for your building licence Victoria much faster than regular schooling. Through our recognised prior learning Australia program, we can get the diploma or certificate you need within two to eight weeks, provided you have an existing history of firsthand work experience.

For more information regarding our services and the requirements to process your registration, visit our website and browse our course catalogue!


What can I do with a builder’s licence?

A building licence Victoria is quite important as it is a requirement of the law and offered by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to showcase that you have the skills to work on certain types of buildings. Provided you’ve obtained your builder’s certificate or licence from the VBA, you can conduct the following category of work (note this may be different depending on your class):

  • perform domestic building work where the cost exceeds 10,000 AUD, which includes labour and materials
  • carry out any re-blocking, restumping, demolishing, or removing a home, as well as any building work that requires a permit (regardless of the cost of the project)
  • provide more than one type of building work (for example, doing both the wall tiling and plastering for a builder project) where the cost exceeds 10,000 AUD

Without your building licence Victoria, it is an offence to enter into a contract to perform the listed work above, and you might face penalties and fines. Additionally, it’s worth noting that if you’re conducting domestic building work under a corporate entity, then one of the requirements is that one of the directors of that entity must be registered.

In addition, another route that is opened up once you’ve fulfilled your builder’s licence is that you can accelerate your career and work on bigger projects. You can also opt to start your own construction company and hire your team of contractors to work on all types of building classes.


How to get a builder’s licence in Victoria?

If you want to get a building licence Victoria, it’s important to check the list of builders’ licence requirements and prepare accordingly. It’s worth noting that the state of Victoria and the VBA are quite particular about the types of builder’s registration, so here’s a short guide to help you get your licence:

There are several different types of builder classes provided by the VBA, each with its limitations and benefits. It’s quite important that for your application, you are aware of which registration type you want to secure, as this will define the sites and projects that you can work in. Here are the most common types:

  • Domestic Builder (Limited)
  • Domestic Builder (Unlimited)
  • Domestic Builder (Manager)
  • Commercial Builder (Limited)
  • Commercial Builder (Unlimited) 

Following that, you can begin the building licence Victoria registration process with the following steps:


Gain the necessary knowledge and experience

For each type of registration or licence, there are relevant qualifications/builder’s licence courses that are required as well as necessary work experience. For example, to become a building practitioner, you need to have accomplished a Diploma in Building and Construction. It’s also best practice to start logging your experience from day one and also gather employer references to speed up this step.

Fill up your application form

Prepare and submit your building cert application form along with the supporting documentation. It’s best to double-check that the application form you’re filling out is the right type and also to be as detailed as you can when it comes to your work experience and history.


Complete the necessary assessments

Depending on your building licence Victoria application, you may need to take an additional interview or skills-based assessment. You’ll also be asked about your financial capabilities as well as your insurance details in this step.


Await your decision

The VBA decides on your application and notifies you if you’ve qualified for your building licence Victoria. From here, you’ll be asked to accomplish additional steps given by the VBA to allow you to get your licence promptly and with ease.


How long does a builder’s licence last?

All building practitioners need to renew their building licence Victoria at least every five years. The requirement applies to both companies and individual practitioners. 

For more information, it’s best to consult with the local authority, which is the VBA in the state of Victoria, especially with information regarding the application and registration process.

For a successful long-term career in the building and construction industry, choose Everthought as your educational provider. We not only equip our students with the knowledge they need to succeed but also guide them in developing and diversifying their skill sets.

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