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Builder’s Licence WA

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Turn your dream of getting your builder’s licence WA into a physical reality by partnering with Everthought to satisfy your builder’s qualifications. With our interactive and practical building and construction courses, you can apply for builder’s licences and establish yourself within the industry as a qualified and registered builder.

Established in 2011, Everthought is a top-quality registered training organisation offering a range of blended, on-site, and online construction courses and units dedicated to teaching you specialised skills that can help you stand out from the competition.

From certificate builder courses like our CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry to simple courses on drafting structural drawings and managing workplace safety, we’ve guided thousands of Australian and international students jumpstart their careers as builders’ contractors!

Take the time to browse our many course offerings and enrol with us today. Build your future together with Everthought and work towards your builder’s licence WA!


Why is a builder’s licence necessary?

In Western Australia, there are many reasons why a builder’s licence is necessary. The main reason is that it’s a requirement of the law, and you might be limited to working on low- or mid-rise structures and buildings if you are not licenced.

Only those with a builder’s licence WA can work on projects and structures that are valued at $20,000 and above, and this means it might be quite difficult to find profitable jobs as a builder without a licence or any form of certification.

Your licence means you work under the Western Australia Building Commission and must abide by their rules and regulations. As a result, any project you work on is within your state’s jurisdiction, making you a more attractive prospect for any local jobs.

Lastly, with a builder’s licence WA, you minimise your chances of being involved in a construction failure. Having a licence means that you are suitably qualified and have the professional skill set to carry out tasks without falling into major pitfalls. This adds to your hireability as it can help you land bigger jobs as you’re essentially listed as a suitable candidate to carry out any building tasks within Western Australia.


Are there any eligibility criteria to apply for a builder’s licence?

While the eligibility criteria are quite different state to state, here’s a general guide of what may be required for your application towards a builder’s licence WA:


Work experience

Depending on the state you live in, you’ll most likely need two to seven years of experience working as a contractor, subcontractor, or employee of a licensed builder to qualify for a builder’s licence. Typically, a reference is required, and some states only consider paid work when evaluating your experience.


Financial ability

When you apply for a builder’s licence, you may be asked to provide proof of your good financial standing. As part of the application process, you may also be required to pay additional fees.


Qualifications and educational background

Some states require specific qualifications such as a diploma or specific certificate for applicants. Depending on your educational background and training, you may also receive a different class of builder’s licence, which have specific restrictions on what projects you can work on.

To help you become a licensed builder, you can opt to take our courses at Everthought. We offer a Diploma of Building and Construction CPC50220 or a Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC40120, which is a common requirement for most states. Additionally, we offer other great programs that help you specialise and create other pathways to a career in construction and building. 


How to get a builder’s licence in WA?

To apply for registration as a building practitioner in West Australia, you simply need to complete an application form for the set that you wish to apply for. 

Note that there are five different sets, each with different builder’s licence requirements, so it’s best to choose one that’s most suited to your qualifications and experience. For a complete list of requirements regarding each set, please refer to the following guide:


Set 1

To apply under set 1, you must have:

  • completed the CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction, and
  • seven years’ experience in carrying out or supervising building work.


Set 2

To apply under set 2, you must:

  • have five years’ full-time experience in supervising building construction, and
  • be registered under the Architects Act 2004, or be a member of the
    • Royal Australian Institute of Architects,
    • Institution of Engineers Australia, or
    • Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.


Set 3

To apply under set 3, you must:

  • have five years of full-time experience in carrying out, supervising, or managing building construction, and
  • hold membership with the Australian Institute of Building as a member or fellow.


Set 4

To apply under set 4, you must have:

  • successfully completed the Board assessment, or
  • your experience assessed by a registered training organisation, sufficient to obtain the CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) through an RPL assessment.


Set 5

To apply under set 5, you must have:

  • sufficient experience to gain the equivalent knowledge and skills as a person who has successfully completed the Diploma of Building and Construction (as referred to in set 1), and
  • seven years’ full-time experience outside the area of the Board’s jurisdiction in carrying out building work.

After you’ve filled up your builder’s licence WA application form, you have to submit it to the Licensing Services department along with your supporting documents and applicable fees. Licensing staff thoroughly reviews each application before it is submitted, and your application may be considered individually by the Building Services Board. 

The majority of building practitioner applications are decided within 14 weeks. By providing all of the information required in your application and giving it adequate time to be evaluated, you can assist the evaluation process.

Everthought is the leading provider of builder’s licence WA, and we can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right set for you to applying for your licence. Contact us today to get started!

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