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The True Percentage of Aussie Tradies Earning $100k

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The following article published by details new report findings into just how many tradies are earning $100k a year and how old they are.


We’ve heard which trades make the most and in which states — now it’s been revealed just how many tradies are raking in the big bucks.

New data shows more than a quarter of tradesmen in Australian are earning $100,000 a year.

And no surprises here — most of them are men.

The survey of 1800 people found the gender divide was more apparent than ever before, with 75 per cent of this group identifying as male.

It’s also the older men who are pulling in six figures.

Tradies earning more than $100k a year are likely to be between the ages of 40 and 53.

Only 16.2 per cent of Gen Y and 0.77 per cent of Gen Z are earning this type of money now.

They also found the likelihood of hitting that figure increased considerably if you are an electrician, handyman, painter, or in property maintenance or construction.

Earlier this year it was revealed removalists actually make the most cash.

Carpenter Jordan Warner is making a fortune from his trade. Picture: Instagram
Carpenter Jordan Warner is making a fortune from his trade. Picture: Instagram

tradie rich list for the 2018 financial year has removalists from New South Wales in the top spot with their charge-out rates rising to a whopping $95.21 per hour. In 2017 their average hourly rate was $88.49 per hour.

The data, which was broken down state-by-state, shows that South Australian removalists also managed to top their state’s list for highest-paid tradies, despite a drop in hourly rates from $102.32 in 2017 to $94.83 per hour in 2018.

The national average for removalists was $93.24 per hour.

In second place were plumbers, earning $10 per hour less ($83.04) than the average Aussie removalists, followed by electricians, handymen and carpenters.

The list is rounded off by landscapers, plasterers, gardeners, painters and cleaners, who are in 10th spot with an average hourly wage of $33.41.

Jordan Warner is one tradie who’s done well for himself in his 20s.

Last year he bought a large property on the coast in the Brisbane suburb of Thorneside, and he is now building a dream double-storey home that he says will be worth upwards of $700,000 when finished.

He’s already travelled the world and now spends his spare time living it up on the coast, with big plans to tour around Australia in the near future.

Other data from has previously found plumbers in Victoria charge an average hourly rate of $91.21 compared with $85.98 an hour in NSW.

South Australian builders charge $77.76 per hour, while South Australian sparkies rake in $79.13 an hour.

Plasterers in Perth charge $59.29 per hour while painters in Adelaide earn an average of $47.68 an hour.

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