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RPL Assessment

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If you’re looking for a pathway towards further education or are simply looking for a formal means of showcasing your knowledge and skills in the construction and building industry, our RPL assessment program at Everthought is a great option.

Through our RPL assessment, you get to work with our professional and qualified assessors to fulfil your specific RPL requirements to turn your informal work experience or learning into a formal qualification that is recognised internationally.

Everthought is an Australian learning institution and registered training organisation (RTO) that offers various building and construction courses in a variety of learning mediums. With campuses in Perth and Queensland, we’re a top-notch institution for on-site, blended, and online construction courses.

Browse our course catalogue today and determine if an RPL assessment can work for you! We also offer a range of other digital and on-site builder’s courses that can help you with your builder’s licence.

We have great offerings in our course catalogue designed to help you gain a mix of both practical and technical skills to help you succeed in any workplace. Some examples are our Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40110) and our Diploma in Building and Construction (CPC50220) programs.

Enrol now and advance your career through our top-notch RPL assessment program today!


What is the purpose of RPL assessment?

The RPL assessment is just one step of the entire recognition of prior learning (RPL) program that is mainly designed to assess your competency towards skills and qualifications. Essentially, it allows you to gain a formal qualification from your informal work experience or learning.

Generally, an RPL assessment is used to gauge your skill level to potentially offer RPL qualifications within your respective industry or field. As an example, those who have worked in the construction industry may qualify for an RPL certificate in building or even construction management.

Note that it’s up to your assessor and RTO to determine if you are eligible. It’s also possible you may need to undertake additional RPL training to fill in the gaps required by the qualification you wish to pursue. It’s important to consider the category of certification you’re applying for as well as your personal experience.

Either way, an RPL assessment is a great way for your career growth as it allows you to turn your prior knowledge and experience into a quantifiable certification for your future employers. It’s also an excellent means to further yourself as you can get the appropriate credits for a specific learning program.


How does RPL differ from other forms of assessment?

While similar to other accreditation programs, an RPL assessment is quite different due to its structure and the method of skill recognition. There are registered training organisations (RTOs) that have structured exams as part of their RPL assessment, but you can also use a variety of other forms of documentation such as the following for your application:

  • records of completed training, such as other relevant qualifications or university degrees
  • assessment items and records that showcase your skills and knowledge in a particular area
  • Information about past work experiences and specific building projects
  • declarations and a reference check from your employer or qualified training provider

You work hand in hand with your assigned assessor who is present to ensure that you are adequately qualified for the RPL certification of your choosing. In some special circumstances, you may even be required to showcase your skills through a practical demonstration.

Additionally, while formal trade qualifications are quite rigid and are determined by specific units of competency, an RPL assessment is more flexible and considers everything in your work experience and history. This means that even without formal education or studying, you can qualify and get your skills certified.


How can I receive a nationally recognised qualification via RPL assessment?

To receive your nationally recognised qualification via an RPL assessment, it’s best to plan and find an appropriate RTO that suits your needs. With our state-of-the-art techniques and variety of learning mediums, Everthought is a top-of-the-line choice.

To give you a brief idea of the entire process, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your recognition:


Collection of requirements

Firstly, you must gather all the requirements you need for the application process for a smooth and speedy process. This mainly consists of two references from qualified tradespersons and personal experience of at least three (for certificate programs) to four (for diploma programs) within the industry you’re planning to get the qualification towards.


Enrolment and phone interview

Before you worry about the fees and duration of the course, you need to enrol with us, which involves a short form you can fill out on our website. From there, our admissions team will reach out to you and simply verify some details in an over-the-phone interview.


Assessment and presentation of the certificate

After the interview, we will reach out to your listed references and ask them about your work. After we’ve determined whether you’re qualified or not, you simply have to wait for us to issue your certification and collect it from us. It’s that simple with us here at Everthought.


For more information about our programs, visit our website and browse the various courses available. Join our community of qualified and skilled builders today by enrolling in our RPL assessment program!

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