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The True Average Tradie Cost Revealed

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Are you a homeowner wondering how much it’s going to cost you to hire a couple of tradies for your renovations? Or are you a tradie yourself and want to know if you’re charging enough compared to the national average?

ServiceSeeking has recently published figures depicting the average quoted price per hour – per trade, and unsurprisingly the data suggests that the more skilled the tradie, the higher the price.

The following article by Yahoo7 Finance details ServiceSeeking’s report (source:

The more skilled the tradie – the higher the price, figures from show. Also, homeowners in smaller states including South Australia and Tasmania enjoy lower charges than high density states like New South Wales and Victoria.


Plumbers are the costliest tradie to hire – charging anything between $80-$100 per hour, while landscapers and plasters can be found at the lower end of the charging scale.

Carpenters are the most volatile when it comes to pricing – charging anything between $50-$70 an hour on average, but there can also be huge price spikes during the summer holidays when home owners are more prone to building timber decks and other home improvements.



The greatest change in tradie prices over the last 12 months was carpenters and house painters, whose prices jumped by 23% and 20%, respectively.

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