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Opportunities in Southeast Queensland 

Enjoy the tropical weather, white sandy beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle in the upcoming number one capital city in Australia.  

Qualified trade workers are in high demand due to millions of dollars being invested by all three levels of government into Queensland’s construction industry. This is part of the government’s 10-year infrastructure investment plan for Australia which they have increased by $10 billion. $17.9 billion of the total funding will be designated to new infrastructure projects which will support 40,000 jobs around the country.  

Growing Population and Response to COVID 19 

South-East Queensland is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia, and the population is expected to grow another 1.58 million over the next 20 years. The Brisbane Times reported the Queensland capital being the highest growing city in Australia, beating Sydney and Melbourne. Previously, New South Wales and Victoria relied on international and internal migration which has been negatively affected by the handling of Covid-19.  

This gives Brisbane a competitive advantage to fill this gap in the market as the capital city offers a more attractive, affordable lifestyle. These factors along with Queensland’s strong response to Covid-19 with limited and effective lockdowns, have encouraged residents of New South Wales and Victoria to consider relocating. As more people move up from these states there is a high demand for community, economic and transport infrastructure.  


Brisbane Olympics 2032 

Brisbane’s securement of hosting the 2032 Olympics also presents new opportunities and demands for new venues and other infrastructure including transportation. Unlike Olympics in other cities, Brisbane will ensure 84% of the Olympic venues are existing, temporary, or refurbished venues to use funding effectively. But new venues are still needed, including a 12,000-seat indoor basketball court, a 10,000-seat gymnasium, a boxing centre, a 15,000-seat aquatic centre, and an athletes’ village. The Olympics will also require more transportation outside of the current projects including Cross River Rail, Brisbane Metro and the Coomera Connector. 


International Demand for Resources 

Brisbane, also being the closest eastern seaboard capital to Asia, means there is high demand for resources from neighbouring countries including coal and liquefied natural gas (LNG) from both China and India. This means an extra port and rail capacity is required and has been assigned an extra “$71 billion under construction and $61 billion committed or under construction in QLD” (Brisbane Marketing, 2022). 


Why move to Brisbane? 

Tradies In Paradise Incentive Scheme 

Are you a tradie located interstate?  

If you are still not convinced Brisbane is worth the relocation after reading the above, the Queensland Government has also developed the “Tradies in Paradise” incentive scheme. The “Tradies in Paradise” incentive scheme is for 1,000 eligible tradies who will receive up to $1,750 for relocating to Brisbane (excluding NSW residents) to help with the reconstruction of flood affected areas. 

Find out if you fit the criteria here.


What does this industry boom mean for Everthought’s current and future students? 

Current Students: 

Are you already a student with us? Good news! Keep your course on track and ensure you graduate in an industry that is in high demand. A high demand industry means that you will have job security, more career opportunities, and a higher salary. 

Future Students: 

Everthought about studying with us? Now is the time!

Enroll now and start your construction career with Everthought. Complete your course when the Brisbane construction industry is at its peak and qualified tradies are in high demand! Check the list of our courses available here.

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