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Introducing Students Trained in Steel Frame Installation

Addressing the Skills Shortage

The construction industry heavily relies on carpenters trained primarily in timber, leading to a lack of familiarity and
efficiency in installing light gauge steel framing. This course aims to promote and recruit candidates eager for a career
in construction, equipping them with the essential skills needed for modern projects.

Our course is designed to mirror on-the-job experiences, covering component and frame identification, placement,
connection, and erection on-site. Trainees will learn how to measure and square frames and effectively use basic tools
and equipment, ensuring they are prepared for real-world construction challenges. Students will receive nationally
accredited training in this course.

Build the Future with Skilled Talents

Benefits of Partnering with Us:

No-Obligation Work Experience: 1 Week 

  • Access a cohort of students trained in steel frame installation
  • Assess their skills and fit for your business without any commitment
  • Enhance your projects with motivated, work-ready trainees
  • Ensure you get the right candidates tailored to your specific needs.
  • Benefit from our expertise and extensive network to find the best talent.

Apprenticeship Opportunities:

  • Convert high-performing students into apprentices and secure your
    future workforce.
  • Attract $5,000 in Federal Incentives per eligible apprentice.
  • Develop dedicated, skilled workers ready to contribute to your company’s success.
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