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One of the most important steps to take, if you want to be successful in the building and construction industry in Australia, is to get qualification for your trade skills. Both domestic and international students can get qualified for a builder’s licence or building cert, contractor licence, QBCC licence, and other nationally recognised licences in the country when they get a certificate or diploma of building and construction via on campus study or RPL assessment. Because there are countless educational institutions to choose from, make sure to get qualification from one that is truly reputable in the industry. 

Everthought offers an extensive range of building and construction courses for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals in the industry. We are also a CRICOS provider, with code 02898C, so we cater not only to Australians but to international students as well. We have multiple study modes – such as on-campus, online studies, skills recognition, and apprenticeships – to enable you to get qualification in a way that best fits your schedule and preference. 


What are the different courses and certificates offered in building and construction?

The primary purpose of getting qualifications in Australia is to get reputable recognition that your skills are up to the national standards. There are all kinds of qualifications from nationally recognised to local certifications such as those allowing you to work in certain parts of the country like Perth and Brisbane. Below are the top areas in building and construction where you can get quality qualifications for your dream job: 



If you want to gain valuable skills and knowledge in construction carpentry, then enrol in courses that will earn you career qualifications for carpentry. Everthought, for example, offers Certificate III in Carpentry CPC30220 where you will learn to interpret plans, use power tools and equipment, and more. 



You can get qualification in bricklaying, one of the top-paying jobs in the building industry, by studying how to lay and bond bricks for all kinds of buildings. At Everthought, you can enrol in the Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying CPC33020 to learn valuable block laying or bricklaying skills qualification recognition. 



Master tilers are among the highest paid in the construction industry of Australia. If you want a qualification assessment or qualification certification in wall and floor tiling, you can enrol in the various tiling courses that Everthought offers like the Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling CPC31320. 



Nationally and internationally recognised qualifications in waterproofing will make you eligible for employment in various construction sites both inside and outside of Australia. With the Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing CPC31420 of Everthought, for example, you will learn useful information and practical skills to perform various waterproofing tasks in the residential and commercial construction industry.


How to get qualifications in building and construction?

There are two main pathways to get qualifications in building and construction – getting a certificate or diploma through formal education, and skills recognition through RPL qualifications. In formal training in your chosen building and construction field, you will have to complete one to two years of study until you receive a diploma or certificate that demonstrates your expertise in the craft. This way to get qualification is ideal for the fresh-out-of-school who wish to start a career in construction. For those who already have previous experience in construction or are already holders of building certificates or diplomas, skills and experience assessments (RPL) will earn them a place on a nationally recognised qualification list will help them advance in their careers. 

At Everthought, you can enrol in formal training or apprenticeship to kick-start your career in building. You can also apply for an RPL assessment to get your related experience and knowledge recognised in Australia. Students will train in purpose-built Everthought training centres located in Brisbane and Perth. Because we are supported by trainers and assessors Australia-wide, we can deliver quality training and assessments across the country. 


How long does it take to get a qualification in building and construction?

The duration of your qualification process to work or operate a business in the building and construction industry depends on the type of delivery mode you undertake. On campus building and construction courses, for example, take one to two years of formal education and training. Meanwhile, skills recognition processes take only a few weeks to complete, and it depends on the level of expertise and experience that you can demonstrate to the qualifications checkers or assessors. 

At Everthought, you can get qualification by having your skills assessed and recognised nationally in as little as two weeks. No need to worry if there are any knowledge gaps either as Everthought can provide you with adequate gap training to fill them in, and make you qualified enough to pass the assessment. Online training opportunities are also made available by Everthought to qualified tradies who wish to become qualified builders to start their own business in the industry. 

If you need a guide on what course to select and how to get into that course, you can check out our website for a comprehensive list of the courses we offer as well as the learning schemes that you can experience under each course. 

Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you get qualification to take one step closer to a successful career in building and construction! Simply fill out the form on our website or give us a call to reach us.

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