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Diploma in Construction Management

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Specialise your pathway and diversify your skill set to handle larger projects with Everthought’s diploma in construction management. With our training standards, you’ll get access to the technical knowledge and planning skills to conduct building and construction management flawlessly.

Established in 2011, Everthought is a top-quality Australian educational institution that also functions as a registered training organisation (RTO). We offer a range of different construction programs, allowing you to study construction management and earn your respective certificates in construction.

What differentiates us from other RTOs is our commitment to equipping our students with the right information and skills they need to become successful tradespeople or contractors within the construction industry. We also offer some online building management courses, which allow you to be completely flexible regarding your schedule.

Additionally, our recognition of prior learning programs allows you to earn an equivalent construction manager certification based on your project management experience. This RPL certification program enables you to save time and credit units you already have significant experience in, allowing you to achieve your diploma within two to eight weeks.

Enrol with us today and learn if you are eligible for our diploma in construction management program by visiting our website. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or are simply fulfilling the requirements of a builder’s licence, Everthought’s building management courses are here to help!


What can I learn from a diploma in construction management?

With a diploma in construction management, you gain all the foundational and practical skills to successfully find employment within the building sector. This entails gaining both the theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills to manage complex construction planning. You’ll also build operational, evaluatory, and problem-solving skills to assist with the entire management process.

Through this builder’s course, you’ll also study how to manage different budgets, resources, and your team of contractors while maintaining work health and safety principles. This means you’ll learn both trade-specific skills (building code knowledge, structures, etc.) and managerial skills (developing team rapport, conflict management, etc.) to establish an appropriate foundation for this type of work. Furthermore, you can select a variety of electives that can help you specialise in a particular aspect of construction management, whether you want to learn more about the supervisory or leadership aspect.

Upon completion of this diploma in construction management, you’ll have the right qualifications to work in a range of senior project management positions in the building and construction industry. Know that all the trainers/assessors teaching our building and construction courses at Everthought are highly qualified and have relevant industry experience.

Another pathway that opens after you take this course is further education at the tertiary level. You may qualify for some exemptions especially if you’re applying for a graduate diploma in construction management or its equivalent, whether through an external scholarship or RTO.


What are the career outcomes after completing a diploma in construction management?

While there’s no denying that working on tools and the physical aspect of any building or construction project is satisfying, it can take a physical and mental toll on your body. Working towards a diploma in construction management is a great way to be involved in the industry while moving away from those aches and pains.

You also have the option to take those skills from the diploma and apply it to your own construction business, allowing you a greater amount of freedom within the industry. You can have the pleasure of building your team of contractors and personally choosing what projects you want to work on.

That being said, the construction industry in Australia is one of the largest, so the demand for people with a diploma in construction management is quite high. Here are some of the employment and career options available to you upon completion of this specific trade qualification:

  • Construction planner. Construction planners organise, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from development to completion. At a high level, they can do all sorts of things such as managing contracts, preparing budgets, and paying fees that maximise efficiency, and they ensure the quality of the building project.
  • Project manager. Project managers are in charge of ensuring the success of construction projects. They take on a more supervisory role, with the main goal of overseeing every aspect of the project, which includes the planning, execution, monitoring, control, and closure of the structure or building.
  • Estimator. For those who are good with numbers, estimators help construction planners with the budgets and settle various costs associated with the project. They suggest ways to maximise the budget and make the most out of the funding that is provided.


How to get a diploma in construction management?

To get your diploma in construction management, you first need to enrol with us here at Everthought. To help you, here’s a short step-by-step guide on our enrolment and application process:


Choose the right program.

Our diploma in construction management has different specialisations and required units, so it’s best to look through our selection and choose the one that suits you the best. Do pay attention to the listed details to ensure the right fit.


Pay attention to the course details.

Please review the details listed in the diploma in construction management programs, as some prerequisite courses and different application requirements depend on the type of student you are. You might opt to take a blended program instead if you have difficulties making the regular commute to our campuses.


Complete the registration form.

Once you find a course that meets your needs, please apply on that page and provide us with some personal information so that we can start processing your enrollment.

Upon completing the application, you will receive a phone call or an email from Everthought regarding your enrollment status and what additional steps must be completed to become a student. You can also contact our hotline if you have any questions about our programs and services.

Get qualifications from Everthought today to kick-start your career. Visit our website to see our full catalogue and enrol with us!

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