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Kick-start or level up your career in building and construction when you enrol in courses from a CRICOS provider like Everthought. Australia is home to millions of foreign-born residents or immigrants. Because of the country’s strong population growth and good economy – with an overall economic score above the regional and world averages – it is a hotspot for migrants across the globe to find better career opportunities. With thousands vying to enrol in courses for international students to get an Australian student visa, the government wants to make sure that work standards are in no way compromised especially as more educational institutes are built to cater to the demand from overseas students. 

CRICOS or the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students is an initiative by the Australian government to regulate and list every education provider in Australia. A CRICOS provider can legally provide international students with training and courses that can enhance their studies in their respective fields and, as an end goal, help them attain documents such as a diploma or certificate that can help kick-start their career in the country. 

At Everthought, you can get qualification for building cert, contractor licence, QBCC licence, trade qualification, and other valuable credentials through top-quality online construction courses for overseas students like international students building and construction programs. The quality of education that students can earn from Everthought can equip them with adequate skills and knowledge to have a high chance of obtaining national recognition. Everthought is an accredited CRICOS provider with code 02898C. 


What does a CRICOS provider do?

Any education or training provider in Australia must be registered with CRICOS before teaching international students. All the providers that have been approved for registration on the CRICOS are listed on the official CRICOS website. Aside from this list, other essential information such as CRICOS courses and CRICOS standards can be found on the website for the reference of both the overseas students and the education providers. 

An education provider, once CRICOS approved, can admit international students into their institution and provide their training or education services to them. These providers should help the students gain valuable skills, experience, and training that they need to become workers who meet the Australian standards. Once these students complete such courses, they can then apply for nationally recognised certifications and licences that can help them establish a good career in the country. 

Everthought caters to both domestic and international students. Because Everthought is a legit CRICOS provider, overseas students can enrol with the assurance that we are a trustworthy and quality institution. Everthought offers flexible study options designed to fit around the unique specifications and schedules of every student. Both online and on-site courses are available for international students. As long as they can attend physical training at the Everthought purpose-built training centres in Perth and Brisbane, they can enrol in courses that require hands-on training such as apprenticeship programs. 


Why do people apply for CRICOS?

People who are running an education business and want to extend their services to international students should be approved for registration in CRICOS. Institutions providing education or training services to foreign students studying in Australia on student visas are required to comply with the ESOS legal framework that enforces registration with CRICOS. Aside from being a legal requirement, a CRICOS provider also assures students that they are secure and trustworthy to provide quality education the country approves of. Without this regulation, cases of scams may increase since it would be hard to identify the government-approved education providers for overseas students and those that aren’t. 

To double-check that Everthought truly is a CRICOS provider, you can go to the official website of CRICOS and search for our CRICOS provider code, 02898C. This shows that Everthought has met several requirements and standards set by the CRICOS. With that, we are credible to provide training courses and assessments to international students. 


How does the application process work?

All those who wish to register with CRICOS should read and understand the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 before applying. The CRICOS Registration application form and a Confirmed Evidence Table for Initial CRICOS Registration may be accessed by the applicants via the TEQSA Provider Portal. To gain access to this portal, applicants must contact TEQSA via email ([email protected]). The period of registration should not exceed seven years, and all requirements must be submitted in the approved format via the Provider Portal. Fees may also apply when registering under CRICOS. 

Everthought College of Construction Pty Ltd ABN 70 123 363 495 is proud to have completed all the requirements and be a reputable CRICOS provider. International students can trust that Everthought is backed by experts in the building and construction field who can transmit valuable knowledge to equip them for a successful career ahead. We deploy a hands-on approach in training students to leverage practical learning, which we believe students can get the best learning outcomes. Our multiple study modes – on-campus, online studies, apprenticeship, and RPL assessment – can provide international students with whatever they need to have a solid foundation to excel in their chosen careers. 

We are a top-of-mind CRICOS provider for both domestic and international students looking to take their credentials to the next level. Contact us today to know how you can get on board the Everthought train.

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