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Changes to the National Construction Code (effective in May 2023) 

How To Become A Builder In WA

In case you weren’t aware, the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 is now available for those who want to use its new provisions.  The Building Ministers released NCC 2022 on the 1 October 2022 and has come into effect on the 1st of May this year in all states and territories.  Building Ministers also agreed to […]

The Latest Advancements in Green Building Certification in Australia


Australia’s commitment to sustainable building has been well-documented, with the nation leading the world in green building certification standards. The initiatives undertaken by the Australian government and the private sector to reduce environmental impacts, increase efficiency and improve occupant comfort have been nothing short of revolutionary.   From a construction perspective, green building certification has […]

The Role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Australia’s Construction Industry


Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a revolutionary technology in the construction industry, transforming the way buildings are designed and constructed. In Australia, BIM is quickly gaining popularity and is expected to become the new standard for building projects in the coming years. This article will explore the role of BIM in the Australian construction […]

The Use of Building Performance Simulation in Australian Construction Projects

How to Become a Construction Manager

The construction industry plays a significant role in the Australian economy. Every year, billions of dollars are invested in infrastructure and development projects. Recent advancements in building performance simulation (BPS) tools have enabled designers and builders to create more efficient buildings and structures. BPS can help reduce energy consumption and improve the overall functionality of […]

Understanding Australia’s Building Code and Regulations: A Guide for Builders

Man with safety helmet on construction site

The Australian building code is a set of standards and regulations that govern the construction of buildings, houses and other structures. As a builder, it is essential to understand these regulations and to comply with them in order to ensure the safety and structural integrity of any work you undertake. This guide will provide an […]