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Australia’s Luckiest Tradie Wins Almost $8m in Keno at His Local Pub

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(Source: NBN News)

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably played Keno once, maybe twice, and then of course you didn’t win anything and you haven’t played ever again. Well maybe you should, because one lucky tradie has just pocketed Australia’s largest Keno win in history.

The 43-year old hard-working tradesman was enjoying his afternoon last Friday at Lambton’s Northumberland Hotel just as he would any other day. What he didn’t expect. however, and what probably no one would expect ever, was that he would walk out of the pub almost $8 million richer.

The win was just the third 10-number jackpot ever to be won in Australia and netted him a comfy $7,898,799.30.

It is understood that retirement is now an option for the new millionaire.

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