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How To Get A Builder’s Licence in SA

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If you want to be a builder in South Australia, it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into. You might be wondering how that’s even possible and where you can start the process of getting your very own builders licence. The procedure is different in every state, so it might be confusing if you don’t know exactly which type of licence you’re looking for and what kind of documents you need to get your application started. It’s not an easy career path, but it can be very rewarding if you put in the time and effort. In this article, we’ll take a look at what a builder does, how to become one, and how to get your builder’s licence in South Australia.


What does a builder do?


A builder is someone who constructs buildings. A builder can be responsible for the design and construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The role of a licensed professional builder involves erecting structures, installing fixtures and fittings, laying foundations, and ensuring compliance with building regulations. This is an extensive role and can include many different tasks. Some builders have specialised training in a particular area, such as carpentry or waterproofing.


The path to becoming a builder in South Australia


Becoming a builder requires a lot of skill and experience. You need to be able to use the right tools and equipment, work with other people, and do it all on your own.


To become an apprentice in South Australia, you’ll need to meet specific requirements (like age limits) as well as pass some tests. You’ll also need to provide proof that you have successfully completed Year 11 at school andhave completed a Certificate III qualification in Carpentry or Joinery for at least one year before applying for your licence.


The licence you need in South Australia to perform building works is called a Building Works Supervisor Registration.


How to get a builder’s licence in South Australia?


A builder’s licence is issued by the state government and authorises a person to conduct certain building work. It is not necessarily just a licence to build but a licence to supervise and manage others who are doing the construction work. That means you’ll need to employ workers to do the actual building. You, as a licensed contractor, will manage the workers and oversee the completion of the job.


The South Australian Government’s Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (DPTI) is responsible for issuing builders licences in South Australia. If you are looking to get a builder’s licence in South Australia, you should be at least eighteen years old and:


  • possess or have completed an approved apprenticeship as defined by the Building Act 1993; or
  • have three years of verifiable experience in building construction; or
  • comply with any other conditions set out in the Building Regulations 2000–2003.

Getting your builder’s licence with Everthought


Everthought is an Australia-based educational institution that offers a builders licence course. If you are interested in becoming a licensed builder, our courses will help you learn all you need to know about the industry to then apply for a Builder’s Licence in your state Everthought is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and has been delivering quality education since 2003.


Whether you need a QBCC builders licence or a builder’s licence in WA, Everthought provides training youneed to apply for your builder’s licence and to work on any construction site safely and efficiently. Most of our courses can be delivered online, so no matter where you live or work, it’s easy for you to get started!


Be a successful builder in today’s economy


With the right training and builder’s qualifications, you can be a successful builder in today’s economy. We offer a range of courses to help you get your builder’s licence and become a member of the industry.


Everthought offers flexible training methods:


  • Builders courses online, which include an online manual that covers all topics required to apply for your builder’s licence. The courses also include practice tests. This is a cost-effective option for those who prefer to study at their own leisure without having to travel or attend classes regularly.
  • In-classroom courses, which offer an interactive learning experience with our experienced tutors who are able to help answer questions as they arise throughout each lesson so that students understand how their knowledge can apply in real-world situations by practising during practical activities such as building models from scratch.
  • Practical learning and apprenticeships, which are the most recoognisedway to learn how to become a builder. Practical learning can be done on the job, through an apprenticeship or as part of a course in vocational training. The advantage of practical learning is that you gain valuable experience working with real materials and tools in real situations. With a mentor and a constant feedback loop, you can learn how to use new tools, solve problems and become more independent.


So, you’ve decided to become a builder in South Australia? That’s great! You should know that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion to succeed as a builder or tradesman. But don’t worry because we at Everthought have all the tools you need to make this dream come true. We offer accredited courses in carpentry, joinery, plumbing, and electrical, which will help prepare you for the world of construction.

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